Writing Intensive

Writing Intensive (WI) courses may be disciplinary or interdisciplinary. They examine a diverse range of texts arranged around a particular question, theme or historical period. Texts may include films, musical scores or works of art. The purpose is to foreground texts for the study of a subject and to compare texts while approaching them from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and in several contexts. These courses:

  • Provide a writing- and reading-intensive experience that develops further the skills acquired in Earlham Seminar courses.
  • Study an array of challenging texts arranged around a particular question, theme or historical period.
  • Investigate primary and secondary texts in studying an issue or era.
  • Compare texts in several contexts — historical, social, political — and put them in dialog with one another.

Key defining features are:

  • Sophomore or Junior level recommended.
  • Reading and writing is a major focus of the course as reflected in the allocation for the course grade/time.
  • Engagement with challenging texts (defined broadly) around a theme.
  • Use of primary and secondary texts.
  • Feedback with chances to incorporate feedback for an improved product.
  • Includes multiple forms of written products and writing contexts.
  • Strong disciplinary element in the writing.
  • Writing is approached as a process (e.g. idea development, critical analysis, argument development) with feedback at multiple steps.
  • Capped courses so that quick turnaround of work is possible.

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