Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility Statement

As educators, one important goal of the Earlham Department of Athletics is to fully live the College’s Athletics and Wellness Mission Statement through our commitment to the academic success of our student-athletes.

An Earlham student-athlete is expected to be making satisfactory progress toward his/her degree and must be registered for a minimum of 12 semester credit hours to be eligible to participate. A student who is not meeting the progress toward her/his degree requirement may be placed in one of four categories: academic caution, probation, final probation or suspension from the College.

A student who is placed on final probation at the end of a given semester will not be eligible to participate in traditional regular-season contests during the ensuing semester. However, a student-athlete may remain on their athletics team, participate in practices and in non-traditional season practices and contest(s) with their respective program at both the Director of Athletics’ and the head coach’s discretion. A student-athlete may return to traditional regular-season competition only after being removed from final probation at the end of a semester.

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