Martin Murdock Photo

Martin Murdock

Class of 1966 Chair


Kensington, Maryland

Current City

Santa Rosa, California




[email protected]

How did Earlham help prepare you for your current career?

“Earlham gave me an excellent liberal arts background for entering the Master of Divinity program, which led to my career as a United Methodist minister. At Earlham, I gained a good historical and theoretical background in my studies, and psychology prepared me for an emphasis in pastoral care and counseling. Good critical thinking skills were a deep and essential part of all that we did, plus caring for the rest of the world and learning how to engage helpfully.”

Why do you volunteer for the college?

“I volunteer because Earlham was such a significant part of my development at a deeply formative time in my life. I chose Earlham because of its underlying values that reflect its Quaker heritage. I hope to help that foundation continue and be passed on to decades of future generations.”

Favorite Earlham memory?

“Concert Choir was a delight, not only for the music and some travel, but for the community of folks. The equestrian program was wonderful, and such a good way to fulfill the PE requirement. All College Meeting was always excellent. I would have loved to have been able to afford off-campus study, but that was out of reach for me. Wednesday Night Dances were great, along with the music of the Clear Creek Singers and the Marauders. Best of all was the inclusive, engaged, caring and dialogical community of students and faculty, where ideas were to be considered and opinions were to be respected.”