Sustainability and Management Applied Minor (AM)

As society tackles increasingly complex environmental, economic, and social problems, we will need leaders with an understanding of both the principles of sustainability and the management of organizations.

Program details

The sustainability and management applied minor will provide you with:

  • An understanding of environmental issues that will face future organizational leaders.
  • An understanding of how business and governmental organizations function.
  • Knowledge about the use of systems-thinking and triple bottom line decision-making.
  • Skills from both management and sustainability that can be combined to create more sustainable business and government organizations.

Applied minors (AMs) are distinctive programs allowing you to personalize your education and to help you make direct connections between academic interests and co-curricular activities.

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One of the following environmental natural sciences courses:

  • ENSU 151 Environment, Science and Sustainability
  • GEOL 201 Earth and the Environment

One of the following environmental social sciences courses:

  • ENSU 141 Environment, Society and Sustainability
  • ENSU 310 Applications of GIS in Social Sciences: Politics, Business, Crime and Urban Ecology
  • ENSU 322 Climate Policy
  • ENSU 326 U.S. Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
  • ENSU 343 Economics of the Environment
  • ENSU 370 Psychology of Sustainability

One additional course from either environmental natural sciences or environmental social sciences.

One of the following Management Courses:

  • MGMT 141 World of Business
  • MGMT 200 Financial Accounting

One of the following additional management courses:

  • MGMT 221 Introduction to Global SCM Management
  • MGMT 306 Ennovation Lab
  • MGMT 313 Social Entrepreneurship

Additional courses will be considered by petition.


Co-curricular activity

You will complete one of the following co-curricular activities:

  • Student Sustainability Corps staff
  • Serve on Sustainability Progress Committee
  • Participate in business plan competitions (Earlham Prize or Hult Prize)
  • Epic Advantage or summer research focused on sustainability and/or management as approved by applied minor faculty
  • Other opportunities considered by petition as approved by applied minor faculty


Culminating experience

You will also submit a 1,500-word intellectual autobiography that reviews your development in the applied minor. The purpose of this intellectual autobiography is to sharpen your self-knowledge and self-awareness so you can describe your accomplishments accurately and with self-confidence as you enter into the world beyond Earlham.


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Our faculty

Earlham’s sustainability and management faculty will foster your understanding of and power to create more sustainable business and government organizations.

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.