Campus Life Advisory Committee

The Campus Life Advisory Committee advises the Dean of Student Life regarding co-curricular life policies, providing perspectives from across the community. Oversees periodic revisions of the Earlham College Community’s Principles and Practices. It also serves as a conduit for community ideas for ideas regarding co-curricular life policies. The CLAC reports to the Faculty Meeting, Staff Meeting, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated.

Current Members

  • Shane Peters, (Associate Vice President for student life; Director of residence life, ex officio)
  • Bonita Washington-Lacey, (Vice President of Student Life, ex officio)
  • Joe Lepone, (Director of Student Engagement and Runyan Center, ex officio)
  • Simran Kaur-Colbert (Director of student engagement and diversity, equity, inclusion, ex officio)
  • Karim Sagna, (Teaching Faculty), 1/22 – 6/24
  • Mary Lacey (Teaching Faculty), 10/22 – 6/24
  • Knoll Bendsen, (Administrative Faculty), Leave Replacement, Spring 2023
  • Bethany Hartzell (Staff), 1/22 – 6/24
  • Lea Staedtler (Administrative Faculty), 11/22 – 12/24
  • Bill Kinsey, (Administrative Faculty), 1/22 – 12/24
  • Justice Vaughn (student)
  • Leigh Siler (student)