Earlham Student Government (ESG)

The Earlham Student Government (ESG) is responsible for representing the student body of the College. The organization and constitution of the ESG was approved by Earlham students in 2016 and is currently under review by the Constitutional Review Committee. The ESG Process Keeper office is located in the basement of Runyan Center. Student Government members are available to address problems or provide advice and support.

Earlham Student Government is comprised of:

  • Process Keepers
  • Student Organizations Council 
  • Nomination Co-Chairs
  • Earlham Student Senate

Sectors of the Earlham Student Government


Process Keepers function as the para-professional facilitators of ESG. They are responsible for overseeing the administrative processes for ESG: archiving Senate minutes and historical documents, running the election and nomination processes, updating the website and social media, allocating student club funds, conducting Senator training, coordinating events, maintaining the Senate budget, and serve as the primary channel of communication between Student Senate and the College administration.

Outreach Team

  • Communications Coordinator: Maya Claggett
  • Social Media Coordinator:  Hallie Raikes
  • Events Coordinator: Hanna Nguyen


Title IX Liaison


Tech Adviser

  • Jared Costa



  • Julian Banks



  • JB Jarvi Beamer


Senate Secretary

  • Riley Lhatso-Suppan


The SOC is the branch of Student Government that allocates funds (derived from student activity fees) to student organizations on campus. We also grant recognition to student organizations, place organizations into co-ops, preside over the actual allocation process, oversee all activities financed through those funds, and finally de-recognize organizations when needed (either for inappropriate activity or inactivity).

If you wish to contact the SOC to suggest an organization, plan an event for your organization or would like additional information about running a student organization, visit our Forms page.

SOC Conveners

  • Financial Convener:  Donna Tin Sun
  • Student Liaison: Serena Pisacano
  • Administrative Convener:  Melissa Velasquez


The College encourages contributions from its students, in addition to teaching and administrative faculty and hourly staff, in governance processes. It is through student committee involvement that the larger student body can voice its concerns about key decisions and most directly engage with the governance structure. Participation in shared governance at Earlham is perhaps one of the most rewarding and educational experiences Earlham students can take from their time here.

The Nominations Co-Chairs appoint student representatives to College standing committees through the Nominations Committee and ensures the appointment of students when new committees are formed. The Nominations Co-Chairs are also responsible for initiating all election processes and place Senators on Standing Committees.

Student Representatives on College Committees must complete monthly reports that detail the status of their committee, particularly, but not exclusively, regarding the progress of any policy recommendations that will eventually be up for community approval.

Nominations Co-Chairs

  • Alex Eastman & Bailey Owens (Fall 2021)
  • Eylul Yaren Tas & Jus Tavcar (Spring 2022)


The Earlham Student Senate (ESS) is the primary decision-making body of the ESG.

The Senate is comprised of student representatives from: each class, each residential community, international students, student athletes, and Student Sustainability Corps members. The aforementioned groups are all volunteers, serve as Senators with voting power in the Senate and represent the student body on standing committees. The ESG Process Keepers serve as the para-professional administrative facilitators for Senate and the Constitutional Review Committee oversees the annual review of the ESG Constitution.

Class of 2025

Loukik Nanda
Jabir Chowdhury
Robbie Bennett


Class of 2024

Elijah Gamber
Jennifer Baker


Class of 2023

Taylor Nunn
Mehmet Ali Schubel


Class of 2022

Grace Neudek (Spring)
Haley Owen (Spring)
Nathan Rivas


International Students

Aaditya Pillai
Rafael Peres



Tyler Smith

Admissions and Financial Aid Advisory Committee

  • Mason Whisman


Athletic Advisory Committee

  • Vince Punzo (Convener)
  • Andrew Belec


Budget Advisory Committee

  • Kari Kalve (Convener)
  • Eylul Yaren Tas


Cabinet Liaisons

  • Kamden Deckard


Campus Life Advisory Committee

  • Candice Quiñones (Convener)
  • Riley Weisman


Committee on Assessment & Accreditation

  • Lori Watson (Convener)
  • Taiga Boots


Curricular Policy Committee

  • Tom Hamm & Amy Bryant (Conveners)
  • Akilah Goldson


Diversity Progress Advisory Committee

  • Jonathan Diskin
  • Justice Vaughn


Earlham Events Committee

  • Keith Cozart (Convener)
  • Esmeralda Mendiola 


Ombuds Council

  • Nathan Metz-Lerman
  • Deidra Said


Sustainability Progress Committee

  • Jamey Pavey (Convener)
  • George Morpurgo 


Faculty Meetings Representatives

  • Grace Wiley
  • Quentin Berry


Board Meetings Representatives

  • Prinshu Gautam (Fall 2020) & Ahmed Deeb (Spring 2021)
  • Emma Milner-Gorvine


Cabinet Liaisons

  • Jonathan Todd
  • Charlie Burton


Rules and Review Committee

  • Julian Banks
  • Evan Feldberg-Bannatyne
  • Jennifer Calderón
  • Elijah Gamber 


Nominations Committee

  • Kay Walker
  • Allison Nash

Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), oversee the annual review of the ESG Constitution, which includes amendment reviews, and constitutional rewrites.  The CRC debuted in 2019 and is currently working in concert with Senate and the greater student body to rewrite the 2016 ESG Constitution.

Looking to get involved with ESG?

Keep in touch with us on Facebook for details on events and upcoming elections. For more information email [email protected].

More information and resources

The Office of Student Life works behind the scenes to keep you safe, healthy, and fulfilled throughout your journey at Earlham College. Whether you are looking for academic advice, a shoulder to lean on, or opportunities for personal and professional growth, our team is here to support you through it all.

Next steps

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.