Limited services

Counseling Services does not provide long-term intensive counseling and psychotherapy. It is beyond Counseling Services’ scope of practice to provide ongoing counseling and psychotherapy for students who may be diagnosed with a variety of serious, long-term psychiatric conditions, and individuals who appear to be a recurring high risk to themselves or to the Earlham community.

Counseling Services does not provide treatment services for alcohol and drug use/abuse. Counselors will meet with students seeking such treatment for a brief time to provide support, assess the students’ needs, and assist them with referrals to off-campus resources.

Earlham Counseling Services does not prescribe or monitor psychotropic or any other medications. At students’ request, counselors will make a referral to Earlham Health Services or a community physician for medication evaluation.

Students may be mandated for a counseling assessment by an external body (e.g. SJC or CJC, Residence Life, Athletics). These students will be evaluated to ascertain personal motivation and goals for counseling. Students must have personal motivation and goals for counseling; if not, they may be referred to other campus or community resources. If the mandated goals are beyond Counseling Services’ scope of practice, students will be referred to appropriate resources off campus (e.g. alcohol/drug abuse treatment).

More information and resources

While Earlham College provides limited support services, students are encouraged to proactively address their mental health concerns prior to coming to campus.