Friendship house reapplication process

Below is the process for active friendship houses looking to reapply. Because friendship houses are approved for a one-year term, each house interested in continuing for the next academic year must submit the following application materials.

Step 1

Complete one Community Application. Below is the information that you will need to provide as you are completing the Community Application. 

Information Included on Community Application

  • Convener and Co-Convener Information
  • Preliminary Roster
  1. What is the group vision for your community?
  2. What are your educational goals for the academic year?
  3. What are your community development goals for the academic year? How would this house enhance the campus community specifically?
  4. What steps will you take to meet both your educational and community development goals?
  5. There are many decisions that a community in shared space must make throughout the academic year: chore allocation, event coordination, roster changes, etc. How will your community make decisions throughout the year? What guidelines or frameworks will you use to resolve conflicts that inevitably arise when persons live together in shared space?
  6. Each Friendship Community was expected to have a regular house meeting to discuss important matters of the week. How often did your community meet throughout the fall? So far this spring? What did you discuss during your meetings?
  7. Each Friendship Community was expected to engage productively with the Office of Residence Life to maintain the facility and grow the community. Were you timely in providing roster information to the Office of Residence Life? Were you timely in reporting maintenance problems and other facility concerns?
  8. Each Friendship Community was expected to organize their community around educational and community development goals that benefit their members and the larger community. What were your goals for your community that you list on your application last year and how have you made progress towards them? Please reach out to AD for Friendship Houses if you need to reference goals from last year.
  9. Each Friendship Community was expected to coordinate at least one education- or service-based program for the Earlham College community tied closely to their theme. What program(s) did you complete this past fall? How did that go? How many people from the community attended?

Step 2

Each person listed on the roster should complete an Individual Application. Below is the information you will need to provide.

Information to Include on Individual Application

  1. Why do you want to live in this community?
  2. What do you hope to gain educationally from this community? How will living in this community contribute to your Earlham College education?
  3. How will you individually contribute to the community development of campus and educational goals of the house?

Each convener/co-convener should complete the Convener Agreement.

More information and resources

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.