This policy relates to requirements for the completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree.

II. Policy Statement

Effective August 2004, Earlham’s Comprehensives was re-labeled the “Senior Capstone Requirement.” Every academic major at Earlham culminates in a senior-year demonstration of proficiency and accomplishment in an area of study. This demonstration may be an examination, a public presentation or exhibit, completion of a thesis, or successful participation in a designated senior seminar. It may be some combination of these.

The faculty of the department or program shall determine the form of the Capstone Requirement and advise majors in a timely manner of its form. It is consistent with variety of majors that there be a variety of Capstone Requirements. All Capstone Requirements, however, must have these common features:

  1. Every program should devise and use means that adequately demonstrate achievement in the student’s work. The objective is to measure accomplishment. Results will continue to be accorded the grades of NP, P, HP or H. Completion with an H (Honors) will continue to be one of the requirements for Departmental Honors. (The grade of HP, that is “High Pass,” may be used to indicate greater discernment among passing grades.)
  2. Faculty in every program shall discuss Capstone results annually as part of its ongoing self-assessment.
  3. The Capstone Requirement will normally be completed in the student’s final year of residency, though preliminary work may begin a semester earlier.
  4. If it is practicable, programs should devise Capstone Requirements that students will complete at least 30 days before Commencement so that unsuccessful students may amend their performance in time for graduation. If such an arrangement is not practicable, then programs must provide sufficiently continual advice that errant students may improve their work in a timely fashion. Students who fail the Capstone Requirement twice may petition the Associate Academic Dean, Registrar and major department or program for permission for a third attempt. If the petition is approved, the student must wait six months before the third attempt.
  5. Accompanying the petition must be a detailed plan of preparation (or a plan for completing the seminar, project or thesis), a plan that has the written approval of the department or program convener. The petition must be submitted to the Associate Academic Dean and Registrar for approval at least six months before the student expects to receive his or her degree.

III. Policy Review and Approval

This policy was reviewed and approved by the Faculty Meeting on March 24, 2004 upon recommendation of the Curricular Policies Committee.

Policy specifications

Last revision: 03/24/2004
Responsible office: Academic Affairs
Responsible party(ies): Academic Dean, Registrar
Approved by: Faculty Meeting
Effective date: 08/02/2004
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