Governance Structure

The Earlham Foundation was created in 1931 as an incorporated independent not-for-profit foundation to hold and invest the Endowment assets assigned to it by Earlham College and for the benefit of Earlham, including the Earlham School of Religion. The nine-member Board of Directors elects candidates nominated by Western Yearly Meeting (2) and the Earlham Board of Trustees (6). The Earlham College Vice President for Finance and Operations/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an ex-officio Director of the Earlham Foundation.

The Earlham Board of Trustees appoints the Foundation Directors as the investment committee of Earlham and delegates specific investment responsibility and authority to the Foundation Board.

The Foundation Board delegates to the Earlham College Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO, acting as the Foundation Treasurer, the authority to administer the Foundation’s responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. The CFO may further delegate responsibilities, as needed or as the CFO deems appropriate.

— Investment Policy, Article II


Policy specifications

Last revision: 03/13/2020
Responsible party(ies): Earlham Foundation
Approved by: Earlham Board of Trustees
Approval date: 02/13/1931
Effective date: 11/18/2022
Related policies: Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation of Earlham College
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