Earlham College hosts competition open to Key Clubs from across the midwest

Earlham College is awarding scholarships and grants to support community service projects across the Midwest as part of a new competition for high school Key Club organizations.

More than 400 Key Clubs located within 150 miles of Earlham’s campus have been invited to submit proposals to put their ideas into action. Key Clubs, a program of Key Club International, are student-led organizations that encourage leadership through serving others.

“Earlham College and Key Club International have a long history of engaging students with opportunities for character-building, leadership development, service and social activism,” said Michael Black, a college partnerships manager for Earlham College’s Office of Admissions. “We look forward to supporting a competition that can bring meaningful change in communities across our region while making purposeful connections with students who may benefit from an Earlham education.”

Earlham’s Key Club Grant competition launched in January. A panel of Earlham faculty will select five proposals for $1,000 grants later this spring. Participating students are also eligible for the $20,000 Key Service Award, a new four-year scholarship for Key Club members seeking to study at Earlham while volunteering at organizations in Richmond and Wayne County. These students are also eligible for Earlham’s new Heartland Region Scholarship, an $8,000 financial aid award given to all accepted students living within 150 miles of campus.

Proposals are due by April 9. Winners of the competition will be chosen April 19.

“Our region will benefit tremendously from the kind of community connections that are possible from a competition of this magnitude,” said Gene Hambrick, the director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity. “By engaging earlier with high school students from our own backyard with an interest in these kinds of activities, we can help them envision how higher education can support their future pursuits and connect them with the extensive programs that Earlham offers.”

Earlham has positioned itself as a leader among colleges for career discernment and global engagement. Career-discernment grants were established in 2017 that give all Earlham students the opportunity for a funded internship, travel or research opportunity. Several interdisciplinary centers were also created to help students bridge the gap between classroom learning and career interests. The centers serve as resource hubs for students with a passion for using business for good and for improving public health, peace and justice, and the environment. Earlham also hosts annual competitions to encourage its students to solve global problems near and far from campus.

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We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.