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Love’s Labours Lost Open Auditions

August 29, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Love's Labours Lost hero image

 OPEN AUDITIONS for the Theatre Arts Department production of Love’s Labours Lost by William Shakespeare will take place from 7pm to 10pm on Monday August 29th and Tuesday August 30th in Runyan Center’s Wilkinson Theatre.  (Call-back auditions will be scheduled for Wednesday August 31st.)


About the play

The King of Navarre and his friends make a pact to get serious about their studies.  But when the Princess of France and her friends arrive for a diplomatic visit, romantic distractions prevail.  The students try to reason their way out of temptation but poetry and pranks challenge an over-serious academy with humor and youthful impulses.  The heart and the head aren’t too far apart as the pleasures of summer come to an end and these young adults choose which moments to cherish and what follies to leave behind.



November 10, 11 & 12   at 7:30pm
Wilkinson Theatre
Running Time: aprx. 2 hours.


Casting criteria

There are roles for 15 actors of all gender identities, racial and ethnic backgrounds, body types, abilities, ages, and experience levels. All roles are available.  We will start with the assumption that anybody can play any role; the audition form provides opportunities to note your gender identity, sexual orientation and roles of interest.


Character descriptions

KING FERDINAND of Navarre – thinks uninterrupted studies will make Navarre a wonder of the world


The King’s Friends and Classmates:

BEROWNE – a scholarly wit with a well-earned reputation for mockery
LONGAVILLE – convinced 3 years without romance is doable, challenges Berowne’s wit
DUMAINE – youngest of the friends, an unskilled poet, loves to mock Berowne
PRINCESS of France – Responsible, fun, kind. Manages a tough situation with wit


The Princess; Friends and Attendants:

ROSALINE, witty & intelligent, refuses to be impressed by Berowne’s professions of love
MARIA, met Longaville at a family wedding and liked him: sees him for what he is
KATHERINE, quick witted as Rosaline, recognizes Dumaine has some growing up to do
BOYET, a gossipy chaperone and counselor attending the members of the French Court
ARMADO, committed to studies, braggart, thinks self finer than he is, obsessed with Jaquenetta
JAQUENETTA, a simple, honest, accomplished gardener, pregnant with Armado’s child
COSTARD, illiterate local, witty word lover, works at the castle, attracted to Jaqunetta
DULL, local constable, plain-spoken, blunt – admits to not understanding high language
HOLOFERNES, the professor/schoolmaster.  A snooty linguistic perscriptivist.
NATHANIEL, the curate, impressed by higher education – respects Holofernes. A gentle soul.

Read the script for Love’s Labours Lost (working copy).

Audition preparation

Prepare a one-minute monologue (your choice or an excerpt from the show).  You will also be asked to read at least one scene from the show.  A link to monologues from the show and scenes that will be read is available at the bottom of the form you will fill out when you make an audition appointment.  Hard copies will be available at the audition.

Please include your commitments/conflicts on the audition form to the best of your ability and bring your calendar with you to the audition.  For more information and access to audition materials, you can also email Lynne Perkins Socey ([email protected]).


Rehearsal schedule

Most rehearsals will be scheduled between 7pm and 10pm Mondays through Thursdays.  (A few rehearsals will end at 10:30pm.)  Time will be managed as efficiently as possible; actor calls and ending times will be pre-established and honored as in a professional setting. NOTE: there will be one Sunday afternoon on October 16th. (see link to Production Calendar at bottom of audition form for more details.)


Earlham Theatre Arts Conscious Casting Policy

Theatre is the art of empathy. We choose to produce plays that serve the Earlham, Richmond, and greater Wayne County communities. In alignment with our anti-racist theatre ethos, we are committed to conscious casting practices. Students, faculty, staff, and community members of all genders, ages, body types, abilities, races, ethnicities, religions, and experience levels are encouraged to audition for Earlham Theatre Arts Department productions. The first priority is to cast students in roles that will challenge them while serving the needs of the production. Guest actors are cast when their contributions to the production will enrich student learning and enhance production quality.


Production team

Director  – Lynne Perkins Socey
Stage Manager – TBA
Scenic & Lighting Design and Tech Director – Emmy Weldon
Costume Designer and Shop Manager – Lirit Pendel
Sound Designer – TBA
Text & Speech Coach – TBA
Dramaturg – TBA
Marketing & Promotions – Austi Jenkins and TBA

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.