The Factbook: Data and Details is a collection of quantifiable information about Earlham College. Established in 1979, the book is updated continually. This collection attempts to answer some basic questions about the College such as:

Who are we?
What do we do?
What are our goals?
What resources do we have?
What are our students learning?
What do we accomplish?

Collegiate profile factbook
New Student Characteristics (
Fall Enrollment Trend
Fall 2019
Fall 2018

Fall 2017
Fall 2016
Undergraduate Enrollment by Semester (
Baccalaureate Origins Report (February 2017)
Student/Faculty Ratios
Retention by Semesters
Retention Pell Recipients
Majors of Graduating Seniors 
Minors of Graduating Seniors
Earlham Off-campus enrollment
Tuition and Fees 
IPEDS and Federal Compliance
Student Body Diversity
Graduation Rates
2017 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2018 IPEDS Data Feedback Report