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What will your EPIC journey be?

The world demands courage, creativity and fresh ways forward. Our answer? EPIC.

A 4-year journey through the liberal arts that integrates the academic major with transformative learning experiences, including research, study abroad, internships, and leadership development, to prepare students exceptionally well for life beyond Earlham.

Our EPIC Journeys

Eleanor Batista-Malat '19

Hometown: Cincinnati
Major: Psychology
Internship: Exodus Refugee Immigration, Indianapolis
Scholarship: Bonner program
Service: Adult Dare Care, Richmond, Indiana
Off-campus Study: Border Studies (Mexico, United States)
On-Campus Leadership: Dance Alloy

“My friends on campus have really helped me find a better, happier version of me where I know what I want and how I can contribute to the world.”

Sandra Kluivers '18

Home Country: Netherlands
Major: International Studies
Research: Female entrepreneurs, Nepal; race relations, Brazil
Collaboration: Member of i4Inclusion, a social media campaign established at Earlham to combat fake news and violent extremism online
On-Campus Leadership: Convener, Earlham College Model United Nations

“Earlham is a source for unconditional love and lifelong friendships for me. It's a community that's inspired me to strive for more and bring meaningful change to the world.”

Jon Abdulloev '18

Hometown: Khujand, Tajikistan
Major: Computer Science
Internships: Lessonly, Home Advisor (Angie's List)
Entrepreneurship: Nada Bot

“Before I came to Earlham, I thought I had to go to the Silicon Valley to start a career in technology. Earlham provided opportunities to connect with the tech boom happening right here in the midwest!”

The EPIC Advantage

The EPIC Advantage provides at least one funded internship, student-faculty research experience or project to every student. Earlham helps students find opportunities that link their academic and personal interests with possible career paths. The College has established relationships with internship sponsors and research sites across the United States and around the world.

EPIC Centers

Collaboration is embedded in everything we do. No matter what major you choose, our multidisciplinary academic centers dedicated to career and community engagement, entrepreneurship and innovation, global education, global health, and social justice can help focus your EPIC journey.

By sponsoring events, providing mentors, and offering a variety of student internship and research experiences, the EPIC Centers support you in planning your individual Earlham EPIC— a powerful combination of the knowledge, skills, and experiences you need to create a positive change in the world.

The “CoLab” is short for “CoLaboratory”— a new EPIC space that houses the three interdisciplinary academic Centers. The CoLab is designed to highlight collaborative inquiry on significant national and global challenges of the 21st century.

The CoLab has several collaborative research and learning spaces perfectly suited for small group learning. This space is perfect for a range of special events including workshops, roundtable discussions, and other formal and informal gatherings.

For Student-Athletes

Next May, Earlham student-athletes competing in men’s basketball and women’s volleyball will travel to Cape Town, South Africa, as part of effort to make sure all students benefit from EPIC. The program offers student-athletes an opportunity for high-impact experiential learning, international travel, service and athletic competition. The program provides a new option to student-athletes who are interested in off-campus study, in addition the numerous offerings the College already offers to all students.

“When I found out we were going to a different country to play volleyball, I was so excited,” says Sydney Ameluxen ’20, a History major from Wichita Falls, Texas. “When I found out we were going to South Africa my excitement grew. South Africa has so much history, a wide range and mix of cultures, and so much to do.

“I am most excited for getting the opportunity to play volleyball against people of a totally different country and culture, and having the ability to bond, make connections, and make friends through the sport of volleyball,” she says.

"This program is a great way for all of Earlham's student-athletes to expand their horizons and experience what the world has to offer," adds Tommy Sanborn '20, a Global Management major from Crown Point, Indiana. "Being a student-athlete at Earlham is an amazing experience. I feel supported by everyone, from the students, to the faculty to our alumni. EPIC gives me something that not a lot of other places can offer."

Different men’s and women’s teams will be invited to participate in similar experiences in May 2020 and 2021.

EPIC Stories

Earlham has a long history of encouraging collaboration between students and faculty and of helping students leverage success in the classroom with hands-on experience and research. It’s an approach that not only benefits individual students but also better prepares them to make a practical and meaningful difference in the world.

Caleb -smith

Playground with a Purpose

“This has been the culmination of everything I have learned at Earlham. From making presentations, to utilizing knowledge from my science and economics classes, to bringing people together to accomplish a shared goal, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

— Caleb Smith '17

Magic -bus -team

Magic Bus

"For millions of people, reliable transportation is often the first test toward accessing goods, services, jobs and education," she said. "We shouldn't overlook improving transportation because it can have meaningful impact on society."

— Iman Cooper ’16, Magic Bus Team Member


Abby -mccullough

Tiny House

“I have a connection to this space that I will never have with a dorm room. I know every inch of it, and we understand every aspect. Having our basic needs met in a space of only 250 feet that we built, for me is incredibly humbling.”

— Abby McCullough ’17

Bean -voyage

Bean Voyage

“While at Earlham, we had numerous opportunities to be involved in student leadership and activism, but we wanted to channel the energy towards doing something that can lead to sustainable development, while working in collaboration with local communities.”

— Sohrab Amiri ’16, co-founder Bean Voyage

Will -vincent

Researching Blindness

“The best science is collaborative and Earlham really taught me to embrace situations where others know more than me and to use that as an opportunity to learn something in a new way."

— Will Vincent ’10

EPIC InternshipFEST — September 12, 2018

EPIC InternshipFEST 2018 at Trueblood Fieldhouse in the Athletics and Wellness Center

This event is an annual celebration of students and the internship experiences that have shaped their educational pursuits in the last year. This year’s event featured more than 150 student presenters and provided opportunities for students to learn about new internships and research experiences supported by the EPIC Advantage, Freeman Foundation, Richmond Residency program, Center for Global Health and the Bonner Scholars program.

EPIC Expo — April 17-18, 2018

This all-campus event is in its second year and will integrate with Earlham Day in collaboration with Institutional Advancement and Alumni Development. The 2-day event will feature student, faculty, and staff exhibitions, posters, performances and presentations that highlight some of the best of our intellectual, artistic, professional and co-curricular engagement over the past year. The deadline for presentation proposals is March 19.

Epic -expo -mini -hero

August EPIC Terms

August EPIC Terms are exciting, pre-semester programs ranging in topic and location, ensuring you find a program you will love.

Programs in 2018 are: