Earlhamite Gathering in Boston

  • Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014
  • Location: Location to be announced.

Studying on a glacier that covers an active volcano? Just another classroom for Earlham students.

Boston alumni, parents and friends are invited to an event with computer science Professor Charlie Peck `84, alumna Ruth Lewis `14, and current students Kristin Muterspaw `15 and Ben Yee `15.

Immediately following the event, guests are invited to stay for "Lightning!," a presentation by Kelley Schultheis `01 in the Theater of Electricity. Indoor bolts produced by the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator spark exciting explorations of lightning, conductors, insulators, electricity, magnetism, and storm safety.

Saturday, October 18, 2014
1 p.m.

at the
Museum of Science 
1 Science Park Boston, MA 02114
(Gather in the d’Arbeloff Suite)

Charlie Peck `84 and his students design equipment and software to help  geologists, biologists and chemists conduct environmental parameter sampling easily and inexpensively, generating geocoded data which can be processed and visualized in the field. As part of this project, they worked in Iceland each of the past two summers and will do field sampling in coffee plantations in Nicaragua this December. While in Iceland, they sampled soil and water from glaciers and (dormant) volcanos, and extracted microbial DNA from an archeological dig for analysis.

Charlie's class is only one of many exciting multi-disciplinary science opportunities available at Earlham today.

In addition to Charlie, guests have the opportunity to meet:

Ruth Lewis `14 who majored in biochemistry and plans to apply to doctorate programs in 2015. She worked with the metagenomics and ancient DNA aspects of the Iceland project. She currently works as a research technician at the Schepen’s Eye Research Institute in Boston. Kristin Muterspaw ‘15 who is majoring in computer science and minoring in ancient and classical studies. She works with various aspects of the field science project including software, hardware, and computational metagenomics. Ben Yee `15 who is a computer science major. He has worked in a variety of multidisciplinary research areas such as field science and computational biophysics. His domain specific interests include: cybersecurity, robotics, and teaching and educational outreach.

Kelley Schultheis '01 began working at the Science Museum in 2003 as part of the public programs team. She left full time employment in 2007 to pursue her master's in biology and currently works teaching science at Buckingham Browne and Nichols Middle School in Cambridge. While she enjoys the antics of middle school students, she continues to work a few times a month at the Museum of Science doing live presentations, including the Lightning show.

Tickets are $30 for the reception, presentation, and access to the Exhibit Hall and the Lightning show.

Please register online by October 13. For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 765-983-1313 or alums@earlham.edu.

Additional Details:

  • Sponsor: Earlham College Alumni Office
  • Contact E-mail: alums@earlham.edu
  • Contact Phone: 765-983-1313
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