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Joseph Moore Museum

The Joseph Moore Museum inspires learners of all ages to connect with and appreciate nature, including the ancient world and its peoples, using a scientific lens.

Bat _picture _copyThe museum employs Earlham students to learn about museum education through work as tour guides, curators, animal caretakers, and exhibit specialists.

Thousands of school children from Wayne County along with hundreds of families and visitors experience the Joseph Moore Museum collections through tours, planetarium showings, programs, and casual visits, all at no cost, each year.

Scientists from near and far study specimens from the museum's extensive collections of birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, and anthropological artifacts. The museum encourages the scientific community to utilize its collections for research.   

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Earlhamites Working at Natural Science Museums

Jessa Watters
Museum Expert

A combination of Earlham factors aligned to help Jessa Watters ’01 secure her position as Collection Manager for Herpetology at the Sam Noble Museum at the University of Oklahoma.

Jesse Varga
Raptor Keeper

How many people get up-close-and-personal with birds of prey? Jesse Varga ’08 does. He is a caretaker of owls, falcons, vultures, and eagles at Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


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Mon - Wed - Fri
Sat - Sun



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