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Recycling at Earlham

Recycling is an important aspect of waste reduction, and is a celebrated practice at Earlham. Our recycling program is jointly managed by the Facilities Department, Housekeeping Services, and the Sustainability Office.  Earlham is a single stream, co-mingled recycling site.

 Recycle -poster

We are able to accept all of the following items in any recycling bin on campus:

  • Plastics with numbers 1 through 7 (number is usually on the bottom of a plastic container inside the recycling symbol)
  • Glass
  • Steel, tin, aluminum or bi-metal cans or containers
  • Any color, weight, or texture of paper
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes etc.)
  • Telephone books, magazines, catalogs
  • Newspaper
  • Corrugated cardboard

We CANNOT accept the following items in recycling bins on campus:

  • Greasy cardboard from pizza boxes
  • Plastic bags or film
  • Styrofoam
  • Food wrappers

Battery Recycling:

There is a small silver battery recycling bin in the following locations:

  • The Athletics and Wellness Center
  • Carpenter Hall near the large recycling bin
  • Center for Science and Technology lobby
  • Landrum Bolling Center near vending machines
  • Stanley Hall room 253
  • Lilly Library
  • Dennis Hall first floor
  • Public Safety
  • ESR Main Building
  • ESR Barclay Center


Campus houses:

Waste management in Earlham's college-owned houses is managed by the City of Richmond.  Each house has a green waste bin and a blue recycling bin.  Trash is collected every Thursday and recycling is collected the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.  The City of Richmond recycles the following:

  • Plastics with numbers 1 or 2
  • Glass
  • Steel, tin, aluminum or bi-metal cans or containers
  • Office paper or newspaper (only if bundled)

If house members want to recycle cardboard or other paper products they can be taken to Earlham's recycling dumpster behind the Facilities Office or any recycling bin on campus.


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