Student management

Daily maintenance of the Stables is performed by the members of the co-op. Each individual is responsible for contributing to the care of the horses and of the facility. In this way, co-op members develop a sense of ownership for the program and become deeply invested in even the seemingly trivial aspects of its operation. For those members who have not cared for horses in the past, it is an opportunity to learn and practice animal husbandry. To ensure that all co-op members are adequately prepared to participate safely, new members are considered “Assistants” for their first year in the program. During this year, Assistants are required to participate in the Assistant’s course program (AWPE 109 and 209) that provides them with the supervision and resources necessary to become competent co-op members. Co-op members who have successfully completed the Assistant’s course program are referred to as “Instructors” regardless of whether they teach or not.

Management of the facility and its programs is carried out by a group of co-op members referred to as the Barn Staff. Using the principles of consensus, these students work collaboratively to guide co- op discussions and make decisions for the program based on wide consultation with its members. Barn Staff members are selected for one-year terms that follow the calendar year beginning in January.


The Barn Manager oversees the general management of the facility, horses and cooperative by working closely with its members and the Faculty Adviser.

The Horse Care Manager oversees the general health and maintains the care of the Earlham school horses, working closely with the veterinarian and farrier.

The Barn Director oversees barn maintenance and contracts with grain and hay suppliers.

The Barn Correspondent promotes public relations, giving tours of the barn, documenting Co-op meetings, and communicating with our alumni advisory group, the Friends of Earlham College Stables (FOES).

The Lesson Coordinator schedules work times and lesson times for Co-op members and lesson students.


The privileges of co-op membership are made possible by each member’s own commitment to sharing the responsibilities for care of the facility and horses. To facilitate this communal effort, we follow a consistent schedule each day.

The total weekly time commitment for co-op instructors is 5 hours.

  • 1 hour: Co-op meeting. Mondays at 9 p.m.
  • 4 hours: Two work shifts. Work shift commitments may also be fulfilled by serving as a lesson instructor.

Assistants commit to an additional two hours of assistant’s course lab time each week. Equestrian Team members commit to additional time for practice and team meetings, but must also be members of co-op to remain on the team.

Daily schedule:

6-8 a.m. WorkshiftTasks include: feeding hay, feeding grain, filling water buckets, blanketing horses, turning horses out, and mucking school horse stalls. Morning workshifts are usually staffed by two co-op members.
Afternoon Lesson Time
A two-hour lesson may be scheduled in the afternoon.
4-6 p.m. WorkshiftTasks include: mucking school horses stalls, turning horses in, filling water buckets, feeding hay,  feeding grain, and blanketing. Afternoon work shifts are usually staffed by three co-op members.
9 p.m. – Night Check
Each night, one Barn Staff member is responsible for checking in on the horses between 9 p.m. and midnight to ensure that the horses are healthy and receiving proper care.

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