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International Students 

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Earlham College is a diverse and global community that includes students from 80+ countries and from almost all of the states within the United States.

International Student Advisers are available to students throughout their time at Earlham College, and specifically serve as a source of advice, support, and information on matters of immigration regulation, cultural adaptation, and practical concerns.

Quick Links

>Updates as they pertain to COVID-19 and students with F-1 Visas

>Contact an International Student Adviser

>Submit a copy of your I-94

>Update your Address or Employment Information

Immigration Status

Learn about the specific rules and regulations that international students must know and understand while studying in the U.S.


Explore some of the different learning and education approaches between your prior experiences and what you may find at Earlham.

Healthcare & Insurance

Get familiar with the unique aspects of healthcare in the U.S. as well as the on-campus health service and insurance options.

Cultural Adjustment

Studying in a new setting is typically an exciting experience, but the process of evaluating ourselves in a new context can be a challenge.

IDs & Social Security

Learn more about the United States’ Social Security program and how to obtain a Social Security Number, an Indiana ID, or driver’s license.


Familiarize yourself with the various banking options available in Richmond close to Earlham for the safe and accessible storage of your money.

Tax Matters

As an F or J visa holder you must file taxes each spring, even if you have no income. Tax software and adviser guidance helps you do this.

Employment Regulations

It is important to know that employment for students on visas in the U.S. is restricted and thus employment regulations must be observed.

Post-Graduation Options

There are several options you may wish to pursue following your graduation from Earlham. Early planning and communication is important.

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