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Community & Residential Life


Community at Earlham is the feeling of finding “your people.” They may not look like you, come from the same country, or study the same subjects, but they share something special. They care – about you, and about the world we’re building together.

It’s easiest to see this on The Heart, the grassy center of our campus and of our community. It’s where:

  • We hang out together – hula hooping, playing cricket, climbing trees, playing Humans vs. Zombies, or walking on (and falling off of) slack lines.
  • We work hard together – studying outside on nice days, and even building the occasional yurt or igloo.
  • We support one another – gathering in a circle during hardships in our Earlham community and elsewhere in the world

This feeling of community radiates far beyond The Heart. It’s present whether we’re playing pick-up basketball in the gym, drinking chai tea in Richmond’s Depot District, or studying together on an off-campus program. Wherever Earlhamites get together, there you’ll experience the Earlham community.

There are plenty of small schools where you can get to know everybody. At Earlham, you will come to care about everybody. That’s what makes us a community. And community is what makes us Earlhamites.

Residential living is one of the greatest ways we learn from one another at Earlham. Simple questions – What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you cooking? – help us to become good neighbors and, in time, great friends. They also expose us to a lot of new things (Judith Butler, Tuvan throat singing, and homemade hummus, for example).

We all start out living together in First Year Experience residence halls, where we bond as a class, with the help of older student mentors and Resident Assistants. It’s a chance for us to get really connected with the people who will be with us for four years at Earlham—and for a lifetime of reunions.

For the next three years, we can choose between living in the dorms or moving to on-campus houses. 

  • The dorms have many configurations: single, double and triple rooms, as well as suite-style options.
  • The houses are each centered around a theme, from Spanish House to Sci-Fi House, and as residents, we host activities for the wider community.

Wherever we live, all of our living spaces have kitchens and living rooms, to help the space feel like home. And before we know it, our neighbors become our family.



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