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Earlham Student Government

Esg -2017

(Back, L to R) Moataz Noureddine, VP of Communications; Ramiro Flores, VP of Nominations (Spring 2017); Abdul K Awol, SOC Co-Convener; Abhay Chaudhary, Clerk of the Student Senate; Khyrul Khan, SOC Co-Convener; Arish Mudra Rakshasa, Co-President; Erica Hoffmann, Co-Adviser (Front, L to R) Tracy Dubs, Co-Adviser; Natalie Blatz, Secretary of Finance; Swati Pant, Events Coordinator; Yunjoo Shin, Co-President; Maleeka Shrestha, VP of Nominations (Fall 2017).

— Photo by Yasmin DaSilva

The Earlham Student Government (ESG) is responsible for representing the student body of the College. The organization and constitution of the ESG was approved by Earlham students in April 2011 and has been updated on October 2016. The hub for ESG is the east wing of Runyan Center. ESG offices are located in the basement of Runyan Center. Student Government members are available to address problems or provide advice and support. Hours are posted on the office door.

Student government at Earlham is made up of:

  • Earlham Student Senate (ESS), elected representatives who make up the Student Executive Council, a secretary of finance, a recording clerk and co-conveners and representatives from student committees, including the newly created Student Residence Council. Appointed positions to the ESS include at-large student representatives, organization representatives and student members of the College's standing committees.
  • Student Organizations Council (SOC), the branch of the ESG that allocates funds (derived from student activity fees) to student organizations on campus. The SOC grants recognition to student organizations, determines the amount of funding each receives and oversees all activities financed through those funds.
  • Student Nominating Committee (SNC), the branch of the ESG that nominates members of the student body to participate in College governance by serving on standing committees, such as the Campus Life Advisory Committee.
  • Student Activities Board (SAB), the branch of the ESG that provides social and cultural activities for the student body and acts as a co-sponsor for organizations that wish to put on larger programs and supports organizations in these efforts.

ESG Constitution

This constitution was revised and approved by the Earlham student body in October 2016.
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