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Club and Recreational Sports

Club Sports

Club Sports are sporting teams that compete with other campuses, however they are not a part of intercollegiate athletics, or they may simply be sporting clubs interested in developing a particular athletic skill.

At Earlham, these club sporting teams include:

  • Men's Rugby
  • Women's Rugby
  • Men’s Volleyball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Quidditch
  • Equestrian

Recreational Sports

Recreational sports offer voluntary participation in team and individual sports and games; the desire to participate is of greater importance than skill level. They also offer the opportunity to participate in a sport without the time commitment of a varsity team. Recreational sports teams can be composed of students, faculty or alumni, and are co-ed.

At Earlham, the recreational sports available are:

Fall Recreational Sports

  • Climbing Wall Challenge
  • 5K Fall Run
  • Outdoor Soccer League
  • Racquetball Tournament

Winter Recreational Sports

  • Basketball League
  • Indoor Soccer League

Spring Recreational Sports

  • Kickball League
  • Volleyball League
  • Wiffleball Tournament
  • Flag Football League

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