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Earlham College is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for the students, faculty, staff and visitors on its campus. As of July 1, 2016, Earlham College is a smoke and tobacco-free campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gender -Inclusive Pilot Facilities

In order to provide prospective and current residential students with as much information as possible, we have attempted to provide some answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed, or want additional clarification, please feel free to contact our office!

Read more about Earlham's evolving response to COVID-19.

What size are the mattresses?

Most of our beds are twin sized, extra long (the dimensions are 36″ x 80″). We recommend purchasing extra-long twin sheets.

Are bed linens provided?

Residents must provide their own linens.

Can I loft my bed?

Yes!  Students are able to loft their beds using a college-provided lofting kit.  Lofting kits are available on a first-come, first served basis.  Lofting kits are reservable online each summer starting in mid-July. 

After you've checked into your room, you'll be able to pick up your loft kit from the Warren Hall Loft Storage Room where a member of our Residence Life staff will assist you.

Learn more information about lofting your bed and fill out your lofting kit reservation form.

Can I build my own loft?

No.  Students must use a college-provided lofting kit to loft their beds.

What if I decide later that I don't want to use a lofting kit?

You can return your lofting kit at anytime during the semester to the Warren Hall loft room.  Loft kits should be returned during RA duty hours (9pm-7am).

Can I give my loft to my friend/roommate/etc.?

Yes!  Students wishing to transfer their loft to another student should complete the loft transfer form with the Area Director for Mills, Warren, & Wilson Halls (the U).

Do I need a lofting kit if my roommate and I want to bunk our beds?

No.  You will, however, need bunking pins to ensure your beds are safely bunked.  Bunking pins can be picked up from your RA, HD, or AD.

When are break shuttles available for students?

Break shuttles are available for students travelling to or from the Dayton International Airport at the start and end of all three major campus breaks - fall break, winter break, and spring break.  Students must reserve a seat in advance.  Reservation forms and deadlines are listed on our break shuttle information page.

Is there a shuttle that goes somewhere other than the Dayton International Airport (i.e. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, etc.)?

No.  We currently only offer shuttle services to and from the Dayton International Airport.

Is there a shuttle in August (fall move-in)?

New Student Orientation (NSO) staff provide a shuttle service for new students each year in August from the Dayton International Airport. More information about this service can be requested directly from NSO staff by sending an email to

There is currently no shuttle service for returning students during August.  Students looking for alternate transportation options are encouraged to explore some of the recommendations at the bottom of our break shuttle information page.

Is there a shuttle in May (spring move-out)?

There is currently no shuttle service for students during May.  Students looking for alternate transportation options are encouraged to explore some of the recommendations at the bottom of our break shuttle information page.

When can I reserve a seat on a break shuttle?

Break shuttle reservations usually open in July every year for the upcoming academic year.  Deadlines for registration for each shuttle are listed on our break shuttle information page.

Am I allowed to decorate my room?

Yes, students are encouraged to decorate their rooms so that they feel more comfortable in their space.  Decorations should be in line with college policy and reflect Earlham's Principles & Practices of Respect for Persons, Integrity, Peace & Justice, Simplicity, and Community.

Can I paint my room?

No.  Students are not permitted to paint or wall-paper the walls in campus housing facilities.

Can I use a rug or install carpet in my room?

Most of our student rooms are not carpeted.  While students are not permitted to install carpet in their rooms, students are welcome to use a standard sized rug to help make their room more comfortable.

Do I need to bring my own furniture?

All college housing facilities are considered fully furnished. Due to limited storage space, provided furniture may not be removed from student rooms, houses, or apartments. Students who bring additional furniture should plan accordingly.

Are shower curtains provided?

A shower liner and hooks are provided in all bathrooms.

Are blinds or curtains provided?

Blinds or curtains are provided for windows in residence hall rooms and apartments. Provided blinds and curtains may not be removed. Additional decorative curtains are allowed if hung using tension rods. Window dimensions can vary slightly from room to room so we recommend waiting until after you move in to measure for decorative curtains.

What can I bring/not bring to campus?

Our team has created a general list of things that students should consider bringing and things they should leave at home. While not all encompassing, it is a great resource that covers the most commonly asked about items. You can review this list here.

Which housing facilities are air conditioned?

All residence halls except for Bundy Hall and Hoerner Hall are air conditioned. All campus apartments are air conditioned.  Most of the campus houses are not air conditioned. We recommend that students living in a facility without air conditioning bring a fan with them or purchase one from a local store when they arrive.

Can I bring my own air conditioner if I'm living in a facility without central air?

Students are not able to bring their own air conditioning units. If a student needs air conditioning for medical purposes, they should complete the accommodation process. Students with approved accommodations for air conditioning will be relocated into appropriate facilities.

How does heating work on-campus?

All of our residence halls have a centrally controlled heating system that is managed by our Facilities Department. Learn more about how to manage heat in your specific residence hall.

Residents in the apartments and houses are able to control their own heating using the thermostat in the common areas of their house/apartment.


I'm locked out of my room.  What should I do?

Residents who are locked out of their room should first try to locate a staff member (Resident Assistant, Hall Director, or Area Director) who can let them back into their room.  If they are unable to find a staff member, they can contact the following:

Residence Life - (765) 983-1317

Staff in the main Residence Life office located on the first floor of Earlham Hall are able to issue students a loaner key they can use to let themselves into their room and then return then loaner to our office. Residence Life is open during regular business hours when the college is open (generally Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm).

Student Life - (765) 983-1311

Staff in the Student Life office located on the first floor of Earlham Hall are able to issue students a loaner key they can use to let themselves into their room and then return then loaner to our office.  Student Life is open during regular business hours when the college is open (generally Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm).

Public Safety - (765) 983-1400

Staff in Public Safety are able contact on-call staff in Residence Life and Student LIfe outside of normal business hours.  A staff member will meet the student at their room in approximately 15-20 minutes to let them back into their room.

All residents are entitled to one free lockout each academic year.  After this first lockout, residents are charged $5 per lockout.  This charge will be applied to their student account and can be paid at the Cashier's window in the basement of Carpenter Hall.

I lost my room key.  What should I do?

Residents who have lost their room key should immediately contact Residence Life so a loaner key can be issued until the lock can be changed and new keys can be cut.  If you lose your key outside of normal business hours, contact Public Safety, and they can contact the on-call staff member in Residence Life to assist you.

Once a lost key has been reported, our team will work with Public Safety to replace the lock and issue all the residents in the room a new key.  This process results in a $200 lock and key replacement charge.  This charge will be applied to their student account and can be paid at the Cashier's window in the basement of Carpenter Hall.

My roommate lost their key.  Will I be charged for a lock change?

If your roommate has lost their key resulting in a need for a lock change, you will not be charged as long as you still have your key.  This cost is only applied to the accounts of the students responsible for losing their key.  In the event that multiple people in a room have lost their key, the charge may be split among the residents of the room.

I lost my ID access card or my ID card stopped working for my residence hall.  What should I do?

Public Safety manages all ID access cards for campus.  Students who have lost their ID card or who have a card that is not working properly should report the issue to Public Safety.  Public Safety will be able to work with you to resolve the access issue and/or issue you a new card if needed.

How do students receive mail on campus?

Every Earlham student is assigned a mailbox - we call it a drawer - by our campus Post Office, located in the basement of the Runyan Student Center.   This drawer number will remain assigned to them as long as they are enrolled at Earlham.  New students receive their unique drawer number upon checking in with New Student Orientation staff.  

Each student's mailing address follows the format below: 

Student Name

Drawer # XXXX

801 National Rd. West

Richmond, IN 47374


Where I can send things before I move to campus?

Students and families wishing to send mail or packages prior to move in can address their items using the format below:

Student Name

c/o Earlham College

801 National Rd. West

Richmond, IN 47374


You should also write the following on your package to ensure it is not returned: 

"New student, arriving 08/07/2020, hold for arrival"

Will the campus post office be open so I can pick-up packages on move-in day?

Yes!  The mailroom will be open on Saturday, August 15th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and on Sunday, August 16th from 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. for student package pickup.  

Students who are unable to pick up packages during these times should will be able to pick up their packages when regular business hours resume on Monday, August 19th (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.). 

Students will receive an email to their Earlham student email account letting them know when a package has been received in the mailroom. Students are able to retrieve their packages during normal business hours with a photo ID (ex. your student ID).

How does the meal plan work?

All new students are required to have a 19 meal plan during their first semester.  Returning students can choose which residential meal plan they would like in their housing application (19, 14, or 10). Students have until the day before classes start each semester (Enrollment Confirmation) to decrease their meal plan.  Meal plans can be increased at any time during the semester.  The meal plan change form is generally available the month prior to the start of each new semester (July/December).

More information can be found on our Food Services website.

What are "Quaker Points"?

Quaker Points are a declining point palance system that allows students to purchase food and drinks from dining locations beyond their traditional meal plan.  These can be used to pick up snacks from Cafe 1847, a coffee from Intermetzo, or an extra meal for a guest in the Dining Hall.

When does the meal plan start?

The meal plan starts with dinner on the Sunday prior to classes each semester.

When does the meal plan end?

The meal plan ends with dinner on the last Thursday of each semester.

Can I choose to not have a meal plan?

Students living in the Residence Halls area required to have a residential meal plan (19, 14, or 10).  Students living in the campus apartments and college houses are currently exempt from the meal plan requirement, but are able to select a traditional residential meal plan if they would like.  Students in the apartments and houses are also eligible to select a smaller community meal plan (EC White, or EC Maroon).  Community meal plans must be requested directly through Food Services.

Can I be exempt from the meal plan while living in the residence halls?

Students living in the residence halls who are interested in pursuing an exemption from the meal plan should complete the meal plan exemption process to request an exemption.  Exemption requests and their supporting documentation are reviewed by a team who will decide if an exemption warranted based on the information provided.

Is there a summer meal plan available?

Yes.  Students living with us during the summer are not required to have a meal plan.  However, Food Services offers blocks of meals available for students to purchase and use throughout the summer.  Learn more about living and eating on-campus over the summer.

When is new student move-in?

For the 2020-2021 academic year, new student move-in is Friday, August 7, 2020.

When is returning student move-in?

For the 2020-2021 academic year, returning student move-in is Saturday, August 8, 2020 and Sunday, August 9, 2020.

When do students move-out in the Winter?

Students should leave their rooms 24 hours after their last exam OR by 3pm on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, whichever comes first.  Students can leave their things in their room if they are planning to return for the Spring semester.  Students not returning for spring will need to check-out with a staff member.

More information about staying during the break will be shared with students through their Earlham email in November

When do students move in for the Spring?

For the 2020-2021 academic year, all students are able to move-in on TBD for the Spring semester.

When do students move-out in the Spring?

Students who are not participating in Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises must move-out of their room within 24 hours after their last exam or by by 5:00pm TBD, whichever comes first.

Students participating in Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises should check out by 5:00pm on TBD.

Students who are transitioning to summer housing are able to stay in their room until their summer assignment is ready.

Students who need to check out after their check-out date need to submit a late stay request.

More information about summer housing and late stay requests will be shared with students through their Earlham email in April.

Are there staff available to assist with loading/unloading?

During new student move-in, we have volunteers available to assist students and their families with unloading vehicles and moving items into their rooms.  There are no volunteers or staff available to assist students and family with loading or unloading vehicles during any other time.

Are there carts available to assist with moving boxes to/from my room or my vehicle?

Public Safety has carts available year round for students to check-out to assist with loading/unloading items.

Can I bring a vehicle to campus?

Yes.  All students are permitted to bring a vehicle to campus and are able to park on-campus.  Learn more about parking and vehicle registration at Earlham.

Do I need to register my vehicle?

All students are required to register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety each year.  Students can register their vehicles once they arrive on campus.

How much does it cost to register my vehicle?

The annual registration fee for students is $95.00 per academic year.  This fee is billed directly to your student account.

Can I live off-campus and commute?

Earlham is a residential campus, and all undergraduate students are required to live on-campus as part of the College's residency requirement. Only students who submit an exemption request and receive approval from the Office of Residence Life are released from the residency requirement.  Learn more about the exemption request process and reasons we approve exemption requests.

Can I have guests stay with me on-campus?

Yes.  Students are permitted to have a guest visit and stay with them on-campus for up to three days.  Students who wish to host guests are expected to get permission from their roommate(s) prior to the arrival of guests.

Is smoking permitted in college housing?

No. Earlham is a smoke-free campus.  Learn more about our smoking and tobacco policy.

Is alcohol permitted on-campus?

Yes.  Students who are 21 years of age are permitted to possess and consume alcohol responsibly within the expectations and guidelines of the college's alcohol policy.  Learn more about our campus approach to alcohol.


How does laundry work?

Laundry is available in all residence halls, apartments and residential houses on campus. Students pay a laundry fee each semester for open access to laundry machines in their community. Students need to provide their own detergent.

How does cable work in the residence halls?

Xfinity On-Campus web viewing is available for students connected to the campus network.  Students can stream over 100+ live channels, shows and movies on demand and will have access to Cloud DVR.  There are also a limited number of channels available to students when not connected to the Earlham network through TV GO.  Learn more about the new Xfinity On-Campus service.

Is there WiFi in residence halls?

Yes, all of our residence halls, houses and apartments are connected to a secure WiFi network that can be accessed using a student's Earlham username and password.  Learn more about network and Wifi access.

Do I have access to a printer?

Yes, there are printers available in each residence hall lobby and across campus in academic buildings for student use.  Learn more about printing on-campus.

What can I bring/not bring to campus?

Our team has created a general list of things that students should consider bringing and things they should leave at home.  While not all encompassing, it is a great resource that covers the most commonly asked about items.  You can review this list here.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Room dimensions vary considerably across campus.  As such, general dimensions for rooms and floor plans can be found on the page for most of our facilities.  You can view them here.

At this time, our team is unable to provide specific dimensions of individual rooms to students and families.

There's a problem with my room.  What should I do?

Students should submit a work order request so a member of our Facilities team can inspect and address the concern.  Students will receive emails to their Earlham account letting them know each time the status of their work order changes, including when it has been completed.

If a student believes that their issue is an emergency, they should immediately contact an RA or Public Safety. 

What kind of cleaning services are provided in campus housing facilities?

Public areas in residence halls (lounges, hallways, kitchens, and communal bathrooms) are cleaned daily (Monday through Friday). Private areas (houses, apartments, private bathrooms, adjoining bathrooms, common areas of a private room or suite) are the responsibility of the residents of the room. Residents of the houses and apartments are responsible for keeping their spaces clean.

How do I sign up for emergency notifications?

Community members automatically enrolled in our emergency notification system will receive emergency alerts for events that threaten the life of safety of students, staff, and faculty on-campus (e.g. tornado, fire, gas leak, violent person on campus, etc.).  When such an event occurs, emergency messages are sent out via landline, cell phone, SMS text messages, and email messages.  The Emergency Notification System is only activated during emergency or crisis situations.  These alerts are usually in the earliest moments of a crisis or emergency, and may contain very brief concise information and directions.  Learn more about our emergency alert notification system and how to update your information.

What fire safety precautions are in place in campus housing?

Rooms, hallways and public areas are equipped with smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment. Fire extinguishers are available in common spaces (kitchens, lounges, etc.).  We do not allow candles or incense in student housing and smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Earlham College campus.

Do I need to purchase renter's insurance for my belongings?

While not required, we strongly encourage students to consider purchasing some kind of insurance coverage for their personal belongings.  If your family has personal property insurance at home, check to see if the policy covers your belongings while you are at school. If it does not, consider purchasing renter’s insurance. Earlham College is not responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property of students.

Is there a campus safety escort program?

Yes.  Officers with the Earlham Department of Public Safety are available to walk with students across campus when requested. Learn more about the services and programs provided by Public Safety.

Is storage available for students?

Yes, we offer students the ability to store up to six items in our campus storage rooms during the summer or while they are participating in an off-campus program as an alternative option for students who are unable to take everything home with them each year upon move-out. Storage space is limited, and access is available on a first-come first-served basis.

Learn more about student storage.

Can I store my things over the summer in the room I will be living in next fall?

No. Students are not permitted to store any items in student rooms during the summer. Items found in rooms following check-out may be discarded by college staff, and students will be billed for any associated costs. Students hoping to store personal belongings on campus must store them in one of our official storage rooms located in the residence halls. 

I live in a college house and will be returning to the same house next fall.  Can I store things in the basement over the summer?

No. Students are not permitted to store any items in the basements of the college houses. Items found in the basements may be discarded by college staff, and students will be billed for any associated costs. Students hoping to store personal belongings on campus must store them in one of our official storage rooms located in the residence halls. Common items that belong to the house (i.e. kitchen supplies such as cookware, plates, cups, etc.) must be stored in the common storage bins provided to the house, and bins should be labeled and left in the main living space of the house unless otherwise directed by residence life staff. 

How much does it cost to store items?

Currently, there is no charge for student storage on-campus.

Can I store items during a Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide storage to students who are on or planning to take a Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence.


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