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Earlham College is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for the students, faculty, staff and visitors on its campus. As of July 1, 2016, Earlham College is a smoke and tobacco-free campus.

Apply for Housing - Current Students

Whether you’re trying to sign up for housing next year or returning from an abroad program mid-year, the Office of Residence Life wants to ensure a smooth application process for its current students.  Applying for housing is a yearly process for most students: you apply for an entire academic year and get placed in a space for that year.  However, there are many students who study abroad mid-year that may spend the fall semester abroad and then return to on-campus housing in the spring… or the other way around!  We’re here to help you navigate the traditional or non-traditional student experience so that your housing is always taken care of. 

Below is a set of information on the yearly application cycle, as well as some specialized information for students returning from leave or a study abroad program.  If we have open applications, these will appear below as well.  If you read this over and still have questions, please let us know!

Students Returning from Leave or Study Abroad

For students returning from a leave of absence or study abroad program in the fall semester, the Spring semester housing application is how they will apply for housing.  This process typically opens in October with students receiving room assignments in mid-December.  As always, your Earlham College email account will be an important communication resource to you as you begin your transition back to campus.

Yearly Application Process

Each year, students are asked to reapply for on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year.  We ask students to reapply in order to update their preferences and choose where they want to live next year.  This yearly application process is a multi-stage process, culminating in students choosing their room and, if they want, their roommate.  Of course, there are only so many spaces available on campus, so it is important for students to review the scheduled application timeline.  This gives students the best opportunity to sign up for the housing option that meets their preferences.

The typical yearly application process looks like what is outlined below.  Keep in mind that each year will have its own specifics, requirements, and deadlines.  The outline below is meant to give an idea of what to expect:

Fall Semester: November – December  Students leaving for study abroad spring semester study abroad programs begin completing paperwork for the housing application and room selection process that will occur while they are abroad in the spring.
Fall Semester: December General information about the upcoming housing application and room selection process goes out to all students before Winter Break begins.
Spring Semester: Pre-Spring Break Students apply for space within Friendship and Theme Houses.  The Friendship House Selection Committee meets and announces the successful applicants.  The Theme Houses on-campus announce the successful applicants for their house spaces next year.
Spring Semester: Post-Spring Break Students select rooms within the residence halls for next year.

For more detailed information about the current academic year, current students should watch their email for communication from the Office of Residence Life.

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