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The Quantitative Assessment for New Students

Earlham College recognizes that many students are arriving on campus whose quantitative skills may not align with the curriculum in certain courses. To that end, an initiative has been developed to identify a student's quantitative skill gaps.

The QANS Initiative

The Quantitative Assessment for New Students (QANS) is a new online, adaptive assessment that is designed to give advisers a snapshot of a student’s preparedness for the quantitative components of most entry-level courses across the curriculum. QANS is designed to be an advising tool and not a placement test.

QANS is an adaptive assessment, 16-24 questions, that covers the learning targets of the quantitative components of most entry level courses in the Natural and Social Science. The questions were designed and validity was measured by a national assessment company that oversees many statewide-standardized exams. The result is a quick, effective method to identify skill gaps that could be impediments to a student’s success.

All incoming students, first years and transfers, are required to complete QANS before summer registration. The assessment is designed to help in advising students about courses that have a quantitative component, and is part of Earlham's Countdown process.

Students and academic advisers will view the QANS scores in Banner Self Service Student Profile before students finalize their registration for fall classes. Advisers will receive recommendations regarding one's readiness for specific courses with a quantitative component.

Earlham offers enrichment courses in mathematics for students who need to sharpen their mathematical skills.

Incoming students should take the QANS now!

Many students choose to refresh their memory before they take Earlham's Quantitative Assessment. A good resource for such a refresher is KHAN Academy.

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