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ID Cards, Keys and Locks

In an educational institution there is a need to balance the accessibility and use of facilities with the need to provide a safe and secure environment. The Department of Public Safety aims to provide access through mechanical and electronic means to facilitate optimum use of the facilities. This policy seeks to address access concerns while maintaining the most appropriate level of security.

Proprietary Statement

All locks, keys, electronic access cards and access codes are the sole property of Earlham College. Earlham College reserves the right to change locks, keys and access levels as needed. No one may place a lock on an Earlham College facility, interior or exterior, that is not part of an approved Earlham College system without the permission of the Department of Public Safety. All keys and access cards must be returned to Earlham College upon termination of employment or enrollment.

Issuance of Keys

Faculty and staff members may be issued keys to Earlham College facilities based upon their need of access. Faculty and staff member’s requests for keys must be authorized by the appropriate Dean, department head or an official from the Department of Public Safety.

Keys for campus facilities issued to students for reasons of research, off-hour studies, work student or other legitimate purposes must be authorized by the responsible faculty or department head. The authorizing party accepts all responsibility for the issuance, use and return of these keys.

Master level keys will not be issued to students for any reason.

Master keys shall only be issued with authorization of the requestors responsible Vice President and the Director of Public Safety.

Employees who are issued master keys as part of their job requirements should store those keys in a secure location. Master keys to College facilities shall not be removed from the campus on a regular basis and should be returned to the secure location at the end of the work day. Exemptions to this rule may be made on an individual basis based upon compelling need and will be evaluated upon appeal to the Director of Public Safety.

Non-College personnel, vendors and contractors shall not be issued keys on a permanent basis. Contractors, vendors and other personnel may be authorized to sign keys out from the Department of Public Safety on a daily basis.

Lost or Stolen Keys

All lost or stolen keys must be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Requests to replace lost or stolen keys must be made to the Department of Public Safety. Requests should be in writing and describe the facts surrounding the loss; in particular, the location of the loss, whether or not there were Earlham College identifiers attached to the key, and the area that the key accessed. Based on the factors involved the Department of Public Safety will make a decision to replace the key or require the lock changed. All costs incurred such as labor and parts for re-keying shall be assumed by the individual who has lost the key/s.

Contractors who lose assigned keys will be financially accountable for the costs of keys and any lock changes required.

Return of Keys

Upon termination of a relationship with the College, employees must return their keys to the Department of Public Safety. Keys should not be transferred from an exiting employee to a new employee by department administrators. The Department of Public Safety shall re-issue keys to new employees upon completion of the appropriate documentation.

Electronic Access

All students, faculty and staff may be issued an electronic access card. Administrative control of the electronic access system shall be the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety. Decisions regarding access to residential buildings shall be decided in cooperation by the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Residence Life. Electronic Access to other facilities shall be determined in cooperation by the Department of Public Safety and the Administration of those facilities.

Earlham College retains the right to change access levels and deny access to facilities based upon security issues.

Loaning Keys, and/or Access Cards

Faculty, staff and students may not loan or transfer assigned keys or access cards. Anyone found in the possession of another's keys or card shall have the keys or cards confiscated by the Department of Public Safety.

Lock Changes and Upgrades

Locks may be changed or upgraded as the needs of the College dictate. As part of a preventative maintenance program, Public Safety and/or Facilities routinely replaces worn or obsolete hardware. The Department of Public Safety may decide to upgrade or change lock hardware as security reasons dictate.

Any re-keying or lock changes initiated by a department head for any other reason will be the financial responsibility of that department.


Public Safety:

  • Develops, distributes, reviews, implements and enforces the Key Management Policy. It is the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety and responsible department heads to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Development of keying systems.
  • Implements and manages Electronic Access Control Systems.
  • Coordinates lock replacement and upgrades.
  • Maintains key management of master keys for non-college personnel.
  • Investigates all reports of lost or stolen keys, misuse of access control and all attempts to circumvent security systems.
  • Monitors Electronic Access System for emergencies, failures, etc.
  • Conducts continuous surveys of locking mechanisms in all College owned facilities.
  • Establishes and maintains keying systems in coordination with campus constituents for the purpose of security and reasonable access.
  • Maintains the central key management records and access privileges issued to faculty and staff.
  • Procures and issues all keys and locks.
  • Securely stores all unassigned keys.
  • Performs lock work specific to interchangeable cores.
  • Maintains records of those who have terminated their relationship with the college.
  • Manages Electronic Access System that controls access to facilities.

Employees/Students who are issued keys:

  • Must request keys through the Public Safety online Key Request Form.
  • Must maintain the security of issued keys.
  • Must report lost or stolen keys to the Department of Public Safety.
  • Must pick up and sign for keys personally at The Department of Public Safety
  • May not lend, transfer or have duplicated any key issued to them.
  • Must return all keys to the Department of Public Safety upon end of issuance period, end of employment or exit from the College.

Administrators and Faculty:

  • May request keys to be issued for areas under their direct control
  • Are responsible for all keys issued to students, lab assistants, etc. requested by them.
  • Are financially responsible for lock changes that occur due to a lack of accountability for keys issued at their request.
  • May request Electronic Access for those areas under their control that has that technology.
  • Ensure employee keys are returned to the Department of Public Safety upon employee separation. Key management and record keeping is the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety.
  • May request lock changes or upgrades in their area of direct control. The Department of Public Safety shall examine the current locking system and make recommendations. Lock changes initiated by an Administrator or Faculty member shall be the financial responsibility of the individual department.


  • Are responsible for the safekeeping of Earlham College keys while in possession of them.
  • May not loan keys to other contractors.
  • May not use keys to enter areas that are not part of a job.
  • Must return keys to the Department of Public Safety at the end of each workday.
  • Should a contractor leave campus with a set of Earlham College keys, it will be incumbent upon the contractor to return to the campus and return the keys.


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