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Vehicle Reservation Form

This form must be submitted prior to the date of the trip in order to confirm your vehicle reservation. The Department of Public Safety will email you to let you know if the requested vehicles are available.

Vehicles are available for pick-up 24/7, subject to Public Safety employee availability during emergency situations.

Please note:

  1. If your requested drivers have not had their licenses registered with the Department of Public Safety, it must be submitted and approved before they drive the vehicle.
  2. College vehicles are not for personal use or any purpose other than that authorized above. Insurance may not cover vehicle/passengers if it is used for another purpose.
  3. The driver(s) agree to obey all traffic laws governing use of motor vehicles. Driver(s) are personally responsible for any fines or charges incurred for violation of laws.
  4. If gasoline credit cards are issued, the driver(s) are personally and financially responsible for their use.
  5. For trips outside of the Richmond/Wayne County area, a list of passengers is required before departure. Emergency contact numbers must also accompany the list.
  6. For those traveling outside the Richmond/Wayne County area, it is important that a cell phone be available for emergency communication. The cell phone number must be listed on the passenger listing.
Contact Information

Number of Vehicles Needed

About Your Trip
MM-DD-YEAR (i.e., 03-15-2013)

MM-DD-YEAR (i.e., 03-15-2013)

Faculty Member Approval

The U.S. driver's license must be current and valid at all times while the vehicle is in use.

Drivers and Faculty

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