Submit an Anonymous Tip

The Earlham College Department of Public Safety depends on the community to report crimes promptly and support crime prevention efforts. If crimes go unreported, little can be done to prevent other members of our community from becoming victims. You can help by reporting suspicious and criminal activity immediately.

The anonymous tip form allows you to report possible crimes, planned crimes, law/policy violations and/or crime information.

It is NOT to be used where you expect a Public Safety officer to contact you the same day or for an emergency situation. If it is an emergency requiring fire/police/medical assistance, dial 911. If you need an Earlham Public Safety officer to respond, contact Public Safety.

Please complete as much of the form as possible. The information will be forwarded to Public Safety through a third party site, with no identifying information attached.

You are always encouraged to provide your name and contact information with the information you submit, in case Public Safety has questions or needs clarification about the information submitted, although this is not required.

We want your information. Not your name!