Guidelines for Alcohol Use at Earlham College

In order to support a community with diverse cultural values, the presence of alcohol should not be at the center of events, parties or other social gatherings. Every member of the Earlham community is responsible for maintaining an environment that prioritizes academic success. The College will ensure the existence and maintenance of alcohol-free areas and social functions. Individuals publicly under the influence of alcohol at College-sponsored events, student-sponsored activities or College-owned House gatherings may be asked to leave that event.

Alcohol Consumption and Conduct

The Earlham College Approach to Alcohol is the result of extensive consultation with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Board of Trustees. This approach includes national research regarding alcohol use among college and university students, as well as data from the Earlham community. What follows reflects our expectation of personal responsibility and community care.

All members of the Earlham Community are expected to review the guidelines for the use of alcohol and to provide appropriate identification and/or proof of legal age when requested by campus officials. Students whose guests include those not enrolled at Earlham are responsible for informing guests of the guidelines and ensuring their cooperation with staff as requested. Students entrust one another with a high degree of personal choice and an equal degree of accountability whenever alcohol is present. Every student is responsible for understanding and abiding by this approach.

Students of legal age who consume alcohol are best guided by the phrase: “personal use in personal space.” ‘Personal use’ denotes the individual consumption of a reasonable quantity of alcohol that may be safely consumed by that individual. The possession or use of common source alcohol containers, e.g., kegs, pony kegs, beer balls, cases of alcohol or any other large scale container, is prohibited. Additionally, personal consumption should reflect the spirit of the Earlham College Approach to Alcohol with its emphasis on health and accountability. Therefore, high-risk use is considered to be abuse. Drinking games, funnels, doing ‘shots’, stands and any coercion or other pressure to abuse alcohol is prohibited.

Providing alcohol to students under the age of 21 is prohibited. Students over the age of 21 who provide alcohol to underage students in any manner may be administratively moved from their housing assignment and will face disciplinary action. Alcohol may not be sold or purchased on any College property, including living spaces; no fee, charge or donation to any activity where alcohol is present is permitted.

Earlham College Grounds and Alcohol

Students are reminded that alcohol is permitted for personal use in personal space. ‘Personal space’ is defined as one’s living space only. Therefore, alcohol in or on other locations, including vehicles or personal property is not permitted. The possession and/or consumption of alcohol in public, within academic and co-curricular buildings, athletic and equestrian facilities, barns and maintenance facilities, and outdoor spaces or any other location other than those areas permitted, is prohibited. Additionally, operating or riding bicycles, skateboards, or operating any motor or electric vehicles while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

Residence Halls

Students who are 21 years of age or over may consume alcohol within their residence hall rooms only, unless they are residing in First Year halls. Alcohol is not permitted in common areas such as hallways, stairwells or elevators, lounges, kitchens or similar areas, including balconies. No alcohol (including empty containers, trophies, etc.) is permitted in the First Year halls. Events in other residence halls must be hosted in compliance with the event registration process.

College-owned Houses

Students residing in College-owned houses may determine where alcohol may be possessed or consumed within the house by residents of legal age through consensus as a living group. Alcohol may not be possessed or consumed on any porches, balconies, fire escapes, roof/attic areas, stairs or the basement areas of the houses. No alcohol is permitted in the barn, coops, or other outbuildings. No fees, charges or donations may be taken or accepted at College-owned house events where alcohol is present. Empty containers in prohibited areas are prohibited. Empty containers or ‘trophies’ in in the possession or living space of students under the age of 21 are prohibited. Events at all College-owned houses must be hosted in compliance with the event registration process.

The Office of Residence Life is responsible for designating residence halls and College-owned houses as alcohol-free or alcohol-permitted. The Office of Residence Life will consult with appropriate committees and bodies in making this designation, keeping relevant laws and policies, residential changes, and the needs of the College in mind.

Students are expected to review their Housing Agreement carefully regarding conditions under which alcohol is permitted. Students may be administratively moved from their current assignment (including termination of the agreement) and/or face disciplinary action, if they are in violation of the agreement.

Next steps

We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.