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Student Employment

The employment of students at Earlham benefits and enhances nearly every aspect of the College. Working part-time while you are in school contributes to financial assistance while providing useful real-world experience. Research indicates that students that work have better time management skills and better grades.

Paid employment for students at Earlham is available through three types of positions: Federal Work Study positions, Earlham Work Award positions and Non-Work Award positions.

  • Financial Aid awards the opportunity to earn Federal Work Study through on-campus and work off-campus at select community service organizations as a part of a student’s financial aid package. A student must complete a FASFA to be considered.
  • Students awarded International Scholarships may be eligible for Earlham Work Award, money that may be earned, through on-campus student employment as a part of the student’s financial aid package. Only on-campus work is permitted with this award.
  • Non-Award student employment positions exist on campus for positions requiring specialized skills, training or certifications such as lifeguarding, tutoring, being a Teaching Assistant or Resident Assistant and fundraising.

Student employment positions for on campus work and off campus work, at select pre-approved community service sites, with which we have special agreements, are posted on Moodle – Student Employment.  Students need their Earlham email address and to log into the Heart portal for access to the position listings on Moodle.

Students must, after hired for a position, complete federal and state required paperwork with Student Payroll in Human Resources before beginning work. Questions about a student’s award of Federal Work Study should be directed to Financial Aid. Questions about a student’s Earlham Work Award should be directed to Admissions. Go to the Heart portal if you do not know if you have Federal Work Study or Earlham Work Award.

Questions regarding student employment should be directed to Student Employment in Human Resources, Carpenter Hall.

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