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Quaker Fellows Application

Qualified students who have applied to Earlham will be invited via email to apply to Quaker Fellows. Students invited to apply to Quaker Fellows must complete four short-answer prompts, and have a letter of recommendation submitted on their behalf. Finalists will be invited to campus for an interview. More details will be shared with students at the time of invitation to apply. Final selection of Quaker Fellows will be completed by late March. If you are interested in applying or have questions please contact us at newlincenter@earlham.edu.


  • Active interest in the Society of Friends, but not required to be a member of a Quaker Meeting
  • Positive attitude, flexibility, and commitment to group process
  • A desire and openness to talking about and exploring spiritual growth
  • Respect for differing viewpoints and backgrounds
  • Ability to work intensely with a small group of peers
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