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Newlin Quaker Center

Newlin Quaker Center

The Newlin Quaker Center aims to identify young Quaker leaders, nurture Quaker scholarship and dialogue on campus, and provide members of the Earlham and wider communities with information about the Religious Society of Friends and Earlham's living Quaker character. More broadly, the Center aims to promote conversation and cooperation among Friends, and to provide a gathering place for Friends of all sorts.

At the Newlin Quaker Center, we focus on Quaker-related events and programs on campus. Housed in Virginia Cottage, which is also the home of the Office of Religious Life, our corner of campus is a beautiful and tranquil place that provides hospitality and encourages reflection and spiritual renewal. The Cottage has a kitchen and two comfortable gathering rooms, which are available for your use — reservations are needed — we encourage campus-wide use of the facility.

Virginia Cottage

The Newlin Center is located in Virginia Cottage, just north of the Public Safety and McNair offices. Virginia Cottage was the residence of Virginia and Elton Trueblood.

To reserve the kitchen, living room or garden room, visit 25 Live — our campus reservation site.

Quaker Fellows

Applications for the program are due by February 15. Fill out the application here

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