Earlham’s printed publications—from postcards and stationery sets to the Earlhamite alumni magazine—are created with attention to high quality appearance and content. Supporting the goals of other offices and serving their needs, our staff provides the campus with design and layout services, applying standards for graphic and written content. In addition, we help the campus control the quantities, timeliness and costs of items ordered.

Planning a printed publication

  1. All publication requests must be submitted six weeks prior to the date you want your publications in hand. This six-week deadline includes built-in time for your project to be printed as well.
  2. When you submit your job, please make sure that all copy is in final form, and any specific images and graphics to be used are supplied to our office. We will be unable to begin your project until all necessary information, content and images are supplied.
  3. Please note that all projects come with the expectation that the supervisor/budget manager for your office has given approval to initiate the project.
  4. During our project intake meeting, we will discuss:
    • Audience and purpose
    • Budget and cost
    • Design Concepts
    • Guidelines for submitting text and artwork
    • Quantity
    • Mailing details
    • Paper stock
    • Proofreading
    • Production tracking
    • Follow-up meetings, as needed

More elaborate jobs, such as projects consisting of several separate pieces, will require more time. Please consult with us on your project’s specific needs.

Adhering to standard deadlines helps ensure that your final product is accurate, timely and affordable. We depend upon a variety of outside vendors to print our publications, and their schedules hinge upon their clients’ cooperation.

We ask that any materials you give us be as accurate and complete as possible. While we provide careful proofreading as one of our services, you bear the final responsibility for your publication’s accuracy. If your department has already proofread and corrected your text, we can process your publication much more quickly.

Ready to start? Please begin your next project with us using our project request form.

Other publications and services

  • Earlhamite magazine: The Earlhamite, published twice a year, communicates with Earlham College alumni, donors and friends, keeping them informed about each other and connected with the greater Earlham community. Do you have a story idea? Let us know through the story/photo tips form or by contacting [email protected].
  • Media relations: Media relations is responsible for raising the national profile of Earlham College by sharing the campus community’s stories through reporting and social media.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.
We continue to monitor the effects of an industrial fire 1.1 miles from campus.