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Brand Guidelines

Earlham College stands for quality in higher education. Given our dynamic environment, it is important for us to establish a unified set of guidelines that results in a strong visual identity for the College as a whole.

These resources will provide you with the basic standards for the College’s brand identity system. Used with care and imagination, these tools will ensure that Earlham College will retain impact and consistency in its communications.

Marketing and Communications works to maintain a clear, consistent visual identity by offering consultation on appropriate uses of the official Earlham logo, graphics and typefaces. Logo, seal, and athletic mark usage in publications for external audiences need approval of the Marketing and Communications office.

You can download our Visual Style Guidelines here.


Being FULLY PRESENT is the best way to move the world forward.

Learning is a shared enterprise

Earlham is ranked among the nation’s top 10 liberal arts colleges for undergraduate teaching. Here, we discover knowledge together. Our culture of mutual inquiry and discovery produces independent thinkers who confidently imagine and shape their own success.

Caring beyond comfort zones

Working for a just and equitable society is rooted in our Quaker history. Today, our philosophically diverse community advocates enduring ethical principles. Earlham students know that building resilient communities demands putting yourself out there, fostering mutual respect and striving for sustainable solutions.

Leadership is more than a title

A global mindset is best shaped through community-building. Domestic students are joined by peers from nearly 80 countries here on campus. Our students gain an enriched intellectual framework and the inspiration to explore the world through a rich array of study abroad and international opportunities.

A worldwide community

Here, every voice is valued. Our collaborative leadership model is geared to a world where real progress is best achieved when people from varied backgrounds ‘row together.’ We recognize that astuteness, transparency, and the ability to build consensus are essential qualities for success in the 21st century.

Downloadable files are available for:

  • Logos
  • Powerpoint Templates

Which file do I need?
There are a few different options, and you often have more than one choice. If one file doesn't work, try a different one (instructions for downloading files are included below).

pdf files are the most likely solution if your needs are print-related. They are high-resolution and cross-platform.

jpg files can be used for print or Web. Be careful not to open and save repeatedly in image editors-they will degrade. You can shrink jpgs, but not enlarge.

eps files are used to imprint or engrave on items like T-shirts, pens, signs, coasters, mugs. They can be enlarged. If your computer is up to it, eps files are also the very best to use for print projects. But since they are postscript files, Windows-based computers often have trouble with them.

pptx files are used to create powerpoint documents.

To download the files with a PC:
• Right-click on the link (don't double click on the link) and choose "save target as"
• Name file and location
• Save
• Open file from new location to resize and use

To download the files with a Mac:
• Control-click on the link (don't double click on the link) to download
• Name file and location
• Save
• Open file from new location to resize and use


208-Earlham -Logo PDF JPG EPS
Black -Earlham -Logo PDF JPG EPS
Lockup -EC-Logo PDF JPG EPS
Athletics -logo Athletics Logo PDF JPG EPS



Why do we need a set of visual brand guidelines?

Earlham College is a single institution that stands for quality in higher education. Representing Earlham as such requires a set of guidelines that position the College’s identity under a unified set of high-quality graphic standards.

Can I duplicate the official Earlham College logo and wordmarks by recreating the official versions myself?

The approved Earlham logo and wordmark that have been carefully designed by identity specialists need to be used. You can access them by downloading the official logo files or requesting files from Marketing and Communications. If you need assistance of a graphic designer to use these files properly, we are glad to help.

Can an academic unit, department, program, center or office have its own custom icon, wordmark or logotype?

To maintain the consistency of the visual identity system, campus entities are asked to not add additional marks, wordmarks or logotypes outside of those approved. Existing iconography can be used as illustrative elements, but not as an identity system apart from Earlham.

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