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JMM Science Communication Award

2014 - present

Scientists must be skilled at communicating their work and its importance to a broad audience as the national environment for science is becoming increasingly less receptive to science. This award was established to encourage students to take as much care in the presentation of their work in oral and written venues as they have in the execution of their research.
In 2017 this award was sponsored by Eric Tatar ('90)

2017 Award Winners


The first place poster:  Leonora Akporye, Emma Hoffman, Maren Schroeder and Khyrul Khan

Title: Changes in Excitability Protein Expression During the first few weeks after Spinal Cord Injury In Lamprey





The second place poster: Caroline Wolfe-Merritt, Evelyn Barragan, Lilly Hartman, Brenna Hellman

Title: Identity of Feathers Used in Tree Swallow Nest Construction






The third place Noah Kelner, Claire Rickerman, Khoa Nguyen, Arish Rakshasa, Megan Hedinger, Joel Pagan

Title: The Effects of Bacteriophage Hybridization on Host Range

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