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Joseph Moore Open Science Award

The Joseph Moore Open Science Award is given to a person who promotes the free sharing of scientific knowledge. This is a person who seeks to find creative ways to remove barriers to the advancement of science, who develops free resources to help scientific progress, who values collaboration over competition, and, in doing so, helps the scientific community as a whole. The recipient is chosen by the director of the Joseph Moore Museum, an institution that values collaborative learning and free access to scientific knowledge for all persons regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or disability.

brant-openscienceOur first recipient (2013), Brant Faircloth, is an assistant researcher in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA.

Brant is known to many as the developer of probes for Ultra-Conserved Elements (UCEs), which he not only made available pre-publication to other researchers, but also continually works at finding creative ways to reduce the cost per sample for sequencing UCEs. Brant tirelessly travels around the country to give talks on methods of obtaining genomic datasets for non-model organisms. He has more collaborations than we can count and a positive attitude that is infectious. His dedication to Open Science has led to the solving of many long-standing phylogenetic questions, including the placement of turtles and the early avian divergences. Congratulations, Brant!

Do you know someone who embodies the values of the Open Science Award? Let us know, by contacting our director, Heather Lerner at

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