Your membership gift helps us keep the JMM a free community museum. We appreciate your support and hope you will enjoy these membership benefits.

Membership benefits

  • One free Escape Game per membership. (Four free tickets for Direwolf Packs and up to eight for Mastodon Herds; benefit is for one escape game on a single day. Subsequent game entries are discounted at ten percent.)
  • Ten percent off online purchases.
  • Ten percent off additional Escape Rooms and all birthday parties.
  • Reduced price for camps/events.
  • Members-only events/sneak-peeks.

Membership rates

Choose between individual, pack and herd memberships.

Membership levelPublicEC community and alumniEC student
Giant Sloth (Individual)
Benefits extended to a single individual
Direwolf (Pack)
Benefits extended to a pack of 4 individuals
Mastodon (Herd)
Benefits extended to a herd of 8 individuals

Sustaining memberships

Sustaining memberships are for donors with an exceptional commitment to the work of the JMM.

John Iverson$150All the benefits of a Herd + JMM sticker
Lucky Ward$500All the benefits of a Herd + t-shirt
Jim Cope$1,000All the benefits of a Herd + engraved bottle
Joseph Moore$5,000All the benefits of a Herd + your choice of art from our Redbubble site

For more information about becoming a sustaining member, or if you have questions about membership or benefits, please contact us.