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Faculty and Staff


Heather Lerner, Director

Heather became the museum director in 2011, following her post-doctoral research at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics. She is passionate about the museum, especially working with students to improve our exhibits, plan engaging events, and grow and care for our scientific collections. She teaches courses in ecology and evolutionary biology, and collections care and use. Heather supervises students in the exhibit development, fab lab, animal care, and marketing and communications applied groups. 

Contact information:

Phone: 765-983-1402

Email: JMM-director@earlham.edu




AE_0Ann-Eliza Lewis, Collections Manager

Ann-Eliza comes to us from New York State, where she was the executive director of the Columbia County Historical Society. A historical archeologist by trade, Ann-Eliza earned her Ph.D. from Boston University and has done research on American history through material culure, using objects instead of documents to look at history. She is the steward of our collections and plans to improve the collection's housing while modernizing the preservation and cataloguing systems. Ann-Eliza will also ensure there is a system for students to have access to the collections and get hands-on experience with specimens.  

Contact Information: 

Phone: 765-983-1320

Email: JMM-collections@earlham.edu


Carmen Mosely Barbolla, Teaching Fellow in Museum StudiesMosleca -jmm

Carmen comes to the Jospeh Moore Museum from the University of New Mexico, where she was Chief Lab Assistant of the Laboratory of Human Osteology at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. A Ph.D. Candidate in biological anthropology, Carmen’s educational and research experience includes human skeletal analysis, Hispanic and Latino/a identity and health, and museum studies education. Carmen is looking forward to working with the museum’s anthropology collection, and is excited to teach classes in museum studies, sociology/anthropology, and biology.

Contact Information: 

Phone: 765-983-1590

Email: mosleca@earlham.edu 



John Iverson, Biology Research Professor and Emeritus Museum Director

John came to Earlham in 1978 and was director of the Joseph Moore Museum from 1981 to 2001. Though semi-retired, he continues to involve students in his long-term research projects on turtles and iguanas in Nebraska, the Bahamas, and Indiana.

Contact Information:

Phone: 765-983-1405

Email: johni@earlham.edu




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