JMM @ Home

Miss the JMM? We miss you too and look forward to seeing you exploring our galleries in the future.
Until then, enjoy these [email protected] projects!

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Learn about adaptations animals use to blend in with this fun and artistic game of hide and seek! Download this pdf to get started!

Celebrate the founder of our collections and namesake of our museum with this fun look-alike activity. Decorate this beard with your own creative flair.

Do you want to create your own ice sculpture at home? All you need is water and a little patience.

Learn about the winter hibernation habits of local reptiles and amphibians through art! Instructions and cut-out habitat pages are included in this downloadable PDF. You can find an informational video with live animals on our youtube channel here. We hope you can make a home for these Indiana native animals!

Make Straw Rockets and Explore the Scientific Method!
Here’s the Worksheet you’ll want for the Scientific Method

Richmond is known for its rich fossil beds. Watch this video to learn how to find and identify fossils. Then head outside. Before you go consider downloading the White Water Valley Fossil Passport available here and at Visit Richmond