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Where do you live on campus? Why do you like it?

I live in Olvey-Andis Residence Hall, I like living here because it feels like the center to me. I have the library right in back of my building, classes straight ahead and dining is right across the pathway. This building is also the ideal environment for me to get my work done because everyone is respectful of quite hours.

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

My classes this semester were centered on my major and minor making it an intense semester but at the same time one of my favorites. I was able to take four courses with two professors, having two classes per professor. My favorite courses this semester were Mexican American History and my Ford Knight research class based on the Chicano movement. I was able to learn a lot about the lives of Mexican Americans in the United States, and their role in history. All my courses were interesting and further expanded my interest in History and Human Development.

Tell us about an off-campus program you did and what was special about it.

I work with the Amigos organization in Richmond, specifically the children's sector called Corazon Latino. In the group I work with the high school students, we try to come up with activities that will help them with identity and build relationships with mentors. The students are great to work with and I enjoy helping them and building relationships with them because I can see where sometimes they have struggles. I find this group very dear to my heart because I had similar problems when I was their age and identifying as Latina.

Anything else?

I would like to thank my donor for the help in accomplishing my goals to graduate from such a prestigious school like Earlham. I cannot imagine attending another school or doing everything I do here. The experiences I am gaining are unbelievable and I am grateful to be able to attend this school. Thank you.

Dariana Beltran

Dariana Beltran 2017

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major at Earlham: Human Development and Social Relations

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