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Where do you live on campus? Why do you like it?

This semester I am living in a double suite with my roommate/best friend, and two close friends who live next door. We have a lot of fun watching movies and playing board games on weekends (Monopoly is our favorite). We also study together sometimes during the week. I love living with such good friends who cheer me up when I have a rough day and consistently make me laugh.

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

This semester I am taking a really incredible biology class that covers the anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system. It has been fascinating to learn about the pathways in the human brain that allow us to interpret and respond to the things we see, hear and feel. It is taught by a wonderful professor who is knowledgeable and engaging. I am also taking a developmental biology class with a new professor this year. We have been working on research project this semester which involved writing a research proposal. The topic I chose was investigating ways of creating stem cells, which have the potential to be used in many areas of the medical field. I really enjoy having the chance to research a topic in much more depth than we could ever cover in class. I find it to be a very rewarding process.

What are your plans for winter/summer break?

I am very much looking forward to this summer. I will be going to Thailand with another Earlham student to work as an intern at a research institute called BIOTEC. I am very excited to immerse myself in a different culture and believe that I will learn a lot while I am there. I have travelled around Europe a few times, but I have never been to Asia, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a new place. I am also excited to do hands-on research and experience what working in a lab will be like.

Anything else?

I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to attend Earlham. This school is such an incredible place where I feel challenged as well as supported. It has become my home away from home. I cannot express the extent of my appreciation for the help you have given me. Thank you!

Breanna Guindon

Breanna Guindon 2016

Hometown: Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Major at Earlham: Biology

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