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Creative Impulse

Mia Kaplan ’18 came to Earlham with art in mind as a back-up plan.

“After I got here, I figured out that art was my plan and that I didn’t need a back-up,” she says.

After graduating from Durham School of the Arts, a magnet school with an artistic focus Kaplan realized the place art had in her life.  That feeling only grew at Earlham.

“There’s a lot to be said for practicing art for an hour per day for an entire year,” she says. She took a metals course at Earlham and fell in love.

“I feel like metal is this stubborn material and is so interesting with so many possibilities with so many techniques and skills,” she says. “There are countless options to explore in metalworking.”

Her goal is to have her own line of jewelry. Toward that end, Kaplan sells original pieces online at her own website.

“It’s a really interesting process of being your own designer, producer and editor of your work,” she says. “Creating a piece from zero, from the ground up, it’s a lot about working out mistakes.”

Kaplan has also grown her skillset as a member of the Fablab, a student-driven creative fabrication group, at the Joseph Moore Museum. She is the team leader this year and is in charge of project management, including mounting a climate change photo exhibit.

“The Museum is a good intersection of art and science for me,” she says. “It’s a good place to practice fabrication skills and science communication skills. A lot of it is exhibit development and graphic design.

“It’s been rewarding working at the museum. I have a lot of projects that I get to see to fruition, and that is really satisfying.”

Mia Kaplan

Mia Kaplan 2018, Artist

Major at Earlham: Art

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