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Where do you live on campus? Why do you like it?

I live in Quaker house on College Ave. I enjoy the community of the house, having a single person room and the ability to be a little more off campus than the dorms.

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

I had the opportunity to be in the Stage Management class this semester and was able to stage manage the main stage show "She Kills Monsters." I enjoyed learning how to deal with all of the challenges that were presented as well as learning to be a stronger and better leader.

What are your plans post-Earlham?

Post-Earlham I am planning on becoming a sound engineer for Mid-America Sound and going on music tours around the world.

Anything else?

Thank you so much for being my donor. I am one of seven children and I am the first to go to college. It means so much to know that there are people cheering on my education.

Carli Isabella Lucas

Carli Isabella Lucas 2020

Hometown: Avon, Indiana

Major at Earlham: Theatre

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