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Where do you live on campus? Why do you like it?

I actually don't live on campus as I have been born and raised in the town of Richmond. Although I don't live on campus I do spend a huge amount of time in the wellness center and in the dormitory called the U, which is where the majority of my friends are.

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

During the fall semester I took Intro to Psychology, Intro to Black/White Photography, Geochemistry and Environmental Change, a religion class called Eat-Drink-Pray focused on biblical food texts from the Bible. Also I am a member of the football team. In the spring I have two geology classes (Climate and Earth Materials), Statistics, Exercise Physiology, and 3D Art Fabrication. My favorites are the geology classes, as I hope to be a geology major.

Why do you like Earlham?

Before even realizing Earlham was an option after high school, I thought of Earlham as its own township in Richmond. The atmosphere on campus is completely different than just the regular city. The people on campus make you feel wholesome and accepted.

What are your plans for winter/summer break?

My plans for winter break will mostly involve working out, working, and spending quality time with the people that matter the most to me. During summer break, I'm hoping to get a paid internship somewhere (too many possibilities to list) to help further develop my passion in geology.

What are your plans post-Earlham?

Post graduation from Earlham, I intend to hopefully get into a career that involves water or mining (not in Indiana) then eventually add to my family with the addition of a wife and kids. I hope to provide them the best future possible, in better conditions than I had growing up.

Tell us about an off-campus program you did and what was special about it.

In May 2017 I went on a two-week May Term to Montreal, Canada, as a part of Earlham's LIFT program (Library Immersions Fellowship Team). Initially we had a research project that changed into a photo project. I ended focusing my photo project on the murals throughout the city. Montreal had a huge problem with vandilization, so to stop the illegal activities they had special days throughout the year to build murals. Being in another country and exploring by yourself definitely helps you understand and build your character more. You have to find yourself.

Anything else?

Dear Mr. George Reller: I am honored to have been selected as the recipient of this scholarship. First off I want to start by saying thank you for your generous donation to help me further my education and become a better person as there millions of students that are in a similar position to me and lack certain opportunities like this one. Without your help I wouldn't be able to be attend the great institution of Earlham. With your help one day I will be able to walk across the stage to receive my degree and see my family all with smiles on their faces as I have completed what no else in my family has ever done — GRADUATE college.

Kobe Walker

Kobe Walker 2020

Hometown: Richmond, Indiana

Major at Earlham: Geology

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