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Michael is a member of the Alumni Council, former member of the AAAB and supports the E-Club.

Tell us a bit about how you discovered Earlham when you enrolled here.

Gerry Kessling and Frank Carr recruited me to come to Earlham to play football and explained that I would be receiving a great education.  I soon realized that the personal relationships that I discovered along the way would last a lifetime.

Share some fond memories from your Earlham undergraduate experience.

I love the Spain Program which enhanced my understanding of Europe and reshaped my cultural understanding of the Spanish community. I also enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world and learning about new cultures. I enjoyed my brotherhood that I built with my football family and continue to engage with them.

Do you give to Earlham? Why or why not? If you give, do you support anything in particular? 

I have been giving to Earlham every year. I do support our Athletics and hope we can bridge the gap that sometimes exists between Athletics and the rest of our Earlham Community.

Why did you decide to become an Earlham volunteer, and what specifically did you volunteer to do? 

I did it to give back to our community and help out in whatever way I can because the College reshaped my thinking of the world and helped me become a better citizen and father to my two children. I was a member of the AAAB (African American Advisory Board) to promote awareness for minorities at Earlham, and am an advocate of our sports program.

What would you say to others to encourage more alumni to volunteer?

Whatever you can do is enough; don’t feel like you have to commit 24/7, but if you can do just a little, it is enough to impact someone’s life.

Michael Elorreaga `03

Michael Elorreaga 2003

Account Executive for RMD Patti Insurance

Hometown: Richmond, IN

Major at Earlham: Business and Non-Profit Management

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