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Nadia Kousounadis

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

This semester, I am taking Introduction to U.S. History since 1865, ES II: Women in the American Revolution, Elementary Statistics, and French 102. My favorite class right now is Introduction to U.S. History since 1865 because we have been learning about the social justice side of history, which I do not know that much about. The class is exciting and I feel like I am learning a lot about some important times in our history as a country.

Why do you like Earlham?

The professors are all excited to be teaching their subject and make me excited to learn. I also really enjoy the fact that people in general are friendly; even if you don't know someone, they will still smile at you and talk to you. That is a good feeling to have in the community in which you live.

What are your plans post-Earlham?

I plan to go into an M.A.T. program and become a high school history teacher in the future.

Nadia Kousounadis

Nadia Kousounadis 2020

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Major at Earlham: History

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