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Asking Life's Big Questions

Phoebe Jones ’15 has always enjoyed asking, and answering, life’s big questions. That kind of curiosity has led her down some interesting paths.

Jones started out as an International Studies major. When she went abroad on Earlham’s Tibetan Studies Program, she found that questions don’t always have answers.

“I never really knew how things were going to turn out or what the outcome would be ... which was fun.” The Tibetan Studies Program led Jones to her current major: religion.

“I like the big and oftentimes unanswerable questions that the religion major gives you the space to wrestle with,” she says. “They are questions that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives.”

Although she changed her major to religion a little late in the game, her junior year, Jones says, “The change to a religion major felt like a homecoming. This is where I’m supposed to be.

“(Earlham Professor) Kevin Miles told me my first year that your education is about the pursuit of the question,” she remembers.

Interactions like the one with Miles are what make Jones feel confident in her education. “My professors have always reminded me that my work, my writing, is in some way contributing to the world,” Jones says. “I think that this sense of responsibility is a beautiful trust to endow upon a student.

“My first year, I found that discussions would continue outside of class and that was when I realized that’s what college is about,” says Jones, who expects her academic and spiritual interests to continue to overlap as she continues her studies.


Phoebe Jones

Phoebe Jones 2015

Hometown: Santa Ana, Calif.

Major at Earlham: religion

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