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SOAN Perfect Choice for Busy Student

Kamau “TiQi” Brown ’16 likes to keep a busy schedule.

He plays varsity soccer and tennis, works at the Runyan Center desk and is an resident assistant for his form. Coaches call him Superman, and teammates marvel at how he manages everything.

“I am the kind of person who needs to have a lot going on,” Brown says. “I need to have an abundance of things in my life to make sure things go smoothly. It is sometimes stressful, but if I didn’t do all of this then I wouldn’t be focused.”

Brown is a sociology/anthropology (SOAN) major who eventually wants to work in public health.

“I want to work in a hands-on environment to ensure that people are in the best possible health,” he says. “I think SOAN will give me the skills necessary to pursue a career focused on ways to make peoples’ lives and communities better.

“Sociology is the study of how people interact within specific communities and how they exist. Anthropology is looking at past lineage to understand how people work and function. They really do feed into each other quite nicely.”

The public health path wasn’t always clear to Brown, who came to Earlham on the pre-med track.

“I had a lot of difficulty, a lot of internal difficulty, determining what my purpose was,” explains Brown, who nearly dropped out twice. After a summer research opportunity, he approached career advisors at the Center for Integrated Learning and discovered the SOAN major.

“”I learned how this discipline leads to so many different avenues and really plays off into anything,” he says. “I ran across the public health concentration when I was researching grad schools and realized how well a SOAN major would work toward that.”

Brown says that while determining his career path he also nearly quit playing sports, which he loves.

“It was a difficult thing for me to figure out,” he says. “I almost stopped playing sports because it was so stressful, but then I realized how the two sports actually helped me to relieve stress. Soccer and tennis helped me to realize that there is more to life than grades and academic success. While working at Runyan desk, I have developed fundamental customer service skills, and being an RA wrapped it all up by teaching me counseling-based listening skills. Before I couldn’t piece together all the activities and committees I was involved in and see how they benefitted me, but now I can.”

“All of these opportunities have led me to believe that everything I have done thus far in my life has prepared me for pursuing a higher education degree and career in public health,” he says. “They have reassured me that I have the skills and work ethic to be successful in public health. From these experiences, I think I am ready to handle and/or overcome the obstacles that life may throw in my direction.”

Kamau 'TiQi' Brown

Kamau 'TiQi' Brown 2016

Hometown: Turlock, Calif.

Major at Earlham: sociology/anthropology

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