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'Quirks' of Middle Schoolers Inspire Teacher

Kristen McMahon ’12 feels the M.A.T. is the reason she was able to be competitive in the job market for her first year of teaching.

McMahon says the program, “encourages intellectual curiosity.” She also enjoyed the people in the program, including her mentors, fellow students and the alumni in the area.

“There’s a lot of diversity and people from all walks of life,” she says. “All the mentors brought different perspectives to the program and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to them for help.”

McMahon had a student teaching position in a middle school and a high school, expecting to enjoy the high school classes more. “I liked the content in high school math but I fell in love with the middle school students and their quirkiness.”

Coincidentally, McMahon has wanted to be a teacher since middle school, saying, “I wanted to go into this profession because I’d had such great mentors and I could tell my teachers really cared about me as a student.”

She also found great mentors in the M.A.T. program who challenged people to reflect on their own education and teaching. Because of that, she felt ready to tackle classroom management and devote a lot of time to lesson planning. “It feels so good to come out of a program feeling prepared.”

Kristen McMahon

Kirsten McMahon, 'Quirks' of Middle Schoolers Inspire Teacher

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