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Comedy Writer

As a writer for "The Daily Show," the wildly popular comedy show hosted by Jon Stewart, McCoy finds himself at the top of his profession. It is also the first time he has held a full-time, staff writer job in comedy. But this is not as improbable as it sounds. 

After studying English and theatre arts at Earlham, and creating a show called, "The International House of Radio" for WECI-FM, the campus radio station, McCoy moved to New York in 2002. His wife (Sarah Hampton '02) launched a career as a magazine photo editor (after a decade working for such publications as People Style Watch, Prevention and The New York Post, she is now a freelance photographer). McCoy, in turn, worked on his craft as a comedy writer, performing and taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, writing for the now-defunct humor magazine Jest (edited by fellow Earlhamite Ritchie Duncan '96) and writing and performing with the sketch comedy group Mister Whitepants. McCoy wasn't making much money during this period, but he was developing the skills and making the connections that led to his current gig.

"It sounds a little shady to say that I was able to apply for a job at 'The Daily Show' because I had a friend who was already a writer on the show," he says. "But what that really means is that I was working in comedy and getting to know other writers for years, and eventually, I got good enough at what I do that I was ready to be considered for this job. Various things I've done helped me prepare for this opportunity."


Dan McCoy

Dan McCoy 2000, Staff Writer, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Major at Earlham: English and Theatre Arts

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